Thursday, October 16, 2008

bring the noise

First off let me say this...FUCK the economy! remember when i said I found gainful employment? well fuck them and the economy I was let go so they could bring in someone else for less money! Yea that's right I got downsized and I'm not talking about my cock after a dip in cold water! this sucks.
On the bright side we got the internets at the 328 again, thanks to roommate Justin, he realized he can't live with out hockey and I can't live with out Yea so back looking for work, back to having sex with old men for money... no wait that's Joe Buck from midnight cowboy not me...yet. I have had such a wonderful time these past few weeks Played kickball in the jersey City Kickball championship games. My team "Team Zombie Apocalypse" lost the bronze metal due to the fact that I could not win at rock, paper scissors. but we did kick some ass. My team was awesome, I will post more on this soon with pictures!
well I have to hit the showers so I can grab some dinner with Ryborg and Lady friend...speaking of which I'm no longer single. that's what we call a tease, folk. be back very soon...who knows maybe a drunk Blog will come tonight.

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