Monday, July 28, 2008

Serpentors Love

Hey everyone I am not dead, or sick or in an asylum as some have may suggested, nor did I move to Canada or Arizona or L.A., like some good folks that used to be part of the landscape that is The DT/JC. I have been lazy and I also, still don't have the interwebs in my apartment. I don't know why but writing my blog in any other place other than my house feels, well forced. I have had a very fun month, and had I had the interwebs I would have filled the cyber space with all sorts of goodness but Alas no webs not write. I'm writing you here today from my secrete base in the heights.
I hope you all have been good, for I have. But the reason I wrote this here blog is simple. I sent Kirk of Plowing Mud Forever Fame (whom, By the Killed at the ace of clubs in the city this past month) an e-mail and he got into saying how he missed my Blogs and asked if I had stopped writing due to the dickbags. No the the Haters hate. If you want proper grammar and spelling go elsewhere you are not going to get it here. I write from my head to my fingers with very little to filter it. I like to write that way, is a diary filled with good grammar I think not.
Yes my tales of getting drunk may seem stale to some or kinda funny to others or sad to a few, but I don't give a flying flea fart. they also seem to like when I come up with my lil' witty cuss words. no let the haters come "hi haters, Hi haters, Hi haters...
In other news The Dark knight almost made me stain my pants. It was that good...really that's my two cents. The Watchmen is now what I sit and wait with baited breath. Aside from that work really sucks they cut my hours so I have to look for other employment, and as anyone can tell you in this job market it is not fun. Well for now I remain me. Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon I promise.

Monday, July 7, 2008

misery inc.

Hey dickbag, you know who you are...I don't yet but when I find out, look the fuck out.

Aside from that it's been crazy over here. still have no internet at the house, which sucks. I have been parting my ass of had a really nice 4th hanging with my friends. Work kinda sucks right now, cut hours and everything...fuck. What can you do ehh? Anyway that's it for now, I have to get back to the dalily grind keep on keeping on.