Monday, June 23, 2008

I started a Joke.

Rather He started a joke, and it don't not make the whole world cry. Fuck no it made us Laugh our cocks off. George Carlin, may you rest in peace. I love watching Carlin do his job, I love nothing more than watching Carlin's true. The Man was a Comic God amongst men. He Was a force, he had an air about him. I was lucky to see the man live in Englewood, NJ and I will now never forget that memory. He was funny and smart and had a way with word and phrases that no other comic had. He had that pony tail that was the only thing he wore that could distract you, aside from that he wore black. No funny t-shirts, no leather suits, no sparkle jackets, no sport coat No trappings some comics try to use. He wore black because it was not what he wore on stage that you wanted to see you wanted to see him and hear him. Calling myself a comic is like calling myself a god damned Dr. for putting a band-aid on someone who is cut, But I do, do stand-up and I tell jokes...and he was my hero. when I do stand-up I wear black. I could gush on for days but that's silly. George Carlin has passed, no go and hit you-tube and watch Brilliance.

Friday, June 20, 2008

got the time.

yeah I got the time to write blogs, but we still don't have the interwebs over at the 3 2 8, which sucks giant balls. Lets see what have I been up to lately. I got a new Tattoo again from Chuck over at the Jersey City Tattoo co., like a bunch of other people I got the 13 on the 13 for 13. I got a 13 in the godfather style font on my right upper chest between my collarbone and shoulder. I have been kinda slackin on my running but it's been fuckin hot out, I need to get a jump rope this week. I also went to Great adventure with Mikey, Ali, Ryborg and lady friend, it was a fuckin blast. What a great day to hit 6 flags we went on Tuesday it was warm not hot, sunny but with some clouds, and there was not a lot of people at the park. Granted the majority of people who where there, man it was Ugly day. we Hit up Nitro (awesome) Batman (always a favorite) the dark knight (not Worth the wait) El toro (holy shit awesome!!!) and Mike and I hit Kin-da ka (that shit is so fast you don't have time to realize whats goin on!) it was a great day and with awesome friends. Aside from that I have been really enjoying myself so far this summer. I promise to be back to working capacity with a new modem soon. laters.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Too Hot

Holy gorilla fuck is it hot outside, Like Kool and the gang said it's too hot lady gotta run for shelter, gotta run for shade. Over at the 3-2-8 it's a steamy mess. last night the new roommate and I tried everything to keep cool. This included but not limited to such activities like sticking our heads in the freezer, wetting bandannas and putting them on our heads (we looked like members of some low level boy band.) and my favorite wetting said bandanna, and letting it freeze a little and the putting it on my head..ahh good times.
So I am gonna help you out with some tips on how to keep cool in the hot hot heat. Take a nice cool not cold but a cool shower...and hey why not take it with a friend, sexy, cool...not so much crazy. Try sleeping with an Ice cube on your chest it keep you cool and when you move Hooo boy a lil cold water fun. Also if you see old people out in this weather make sure to dump cold water on them, they like that. Now I know what I am saying and I'm not under some weird mind control...but be careful with your drinking in weather like this, you could get over heated and suffer some horrible after affects which would all lead to someone dropping a beer...tragic. Well I'm off to suffer some more in this heat, stay cool everyone, like a bunch a' lil Fonzies.

Thank you for being a friend.

To everyone who apparently suffers through my awful spelling and grammar thanks. You guys came to my defence and I do appreciate you all. the people who read my blog, have a laugh or get upset at something stupid I said. so thanks.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

You can't bring me down

Ya know a while back me and cherry made piece. I enjoy taking to the girl we always have a fun conversation. I thought the days of the blog war was over. someone has come out of the shadows , it seems someone who is reading this here Blog has a lot to say, but they do not have the balls to put an name it what they have to say. They just go on and make cute lil' anonymous statements about me. That I am too old for some people Here are the facts kids. I'm 33 Not that old in the scheme of things. They have called me fat boy, well as for being fat, ya know maybe a few month ago and certainly a few years ago Calling me fat would be a true statement, But I am currently in the best shape of my life. I'm rockin a size 34 pants, something I have not been able to do since, oh, high school. I am running with the help of Coach Sweetpea, I'm doing push-up and sit-up and since I started I have gotten a lot better with that. So sure I still have a gut and I'm not going to start hanging out with out my t-shirt on but those days are fast approaching. Ya see what I'm saying is that after a long time I think I am starting to get my shit together. I am on a fuckin' upswing people and I think I have a hater in my midst. So whom ever you are no, you can not bring me down. I have seem the bottom of the fuckin barrel I wrote my god damn name on it so while I'm swimming up, you are just sinking lower. Do yourself a favor use all that energy you are using to post little comments here and either make your life a little better or go fuck yourself with something hard and sand-paper-y.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm Sorry.

Man I totally slacked last month on the blog, and for that I'm sorry folks I will bust my ass this month to let you know all about my Oh so exciting life. Also new this month, every Blog title will be the name of a song. It will relate trust me. if you want you can make it a game and try to guess who sang the song..see fun.
So Saturday afternoon I took the L.E.E. The Law Enforcement Exam, and fingers crossed I say that I believe I did a good job. I am pleased with was an ego boost I needed after the last week. I had a rough one, granted I had a wonderful memorial day weekend, But like I try not to always say, when you have too much good in your life, Life always brings you down a notch. Quick run down Boy meets Hot Drunk Girl, H.D. Girl is all over boy, Boy does right thing and does not take advantage of H.D. girl, invites her to B.B.Q. we go Have a great time feel a connection, Boy walks on cloud all till Monday night at 11:59 when I get the Text, lets be friends. FUCK! I though I got past smart funny guy friend...but I am not taking this lying down good people, I will talk to her and try to make her mine. or Fail, but hey that's why someone invented day drinking.
So yeah that's about it for here be on the look out for more from Me June is starting to look like a great time! See you next time when I type, "that's why my Friends it does not make sense to play with more than 2 pussies." till then see you soon!