Friday, June 20, 2008

got the time.

yeah I got the time to write blogs, but we still don't have the interwebs over at the 3 2 8, which sucks giant balls. Lets see what have I been up to lately. I got a new Tattoo again from Chuck over at the Jersey City Tattoo co., like a bunch of other people I got the 13 on the 13 for 13. I got a 13 in the godfather style font on my right upper chest between my collarbone and shoulder. I have been kinda slackin on my running but it's been fuckin hot out, I need to get a jump rope this week. I also went to Great adventure with Mikey, Ali, Ryborg and lady friend, it was a fuckin blast. What a great day to hit 6 flags we went on Tuesday it was warm not hot, sunny but with some clouds, and there was not a lot of people at the park. Granted the majority of people who where there, man it was Ugly day. we Hit up Nitro (awesome) Batman (always a favorite) the dark knight (not Worth the wait) El toro (holy shit awesome!!!) and Mike and I hit Kin-da ka (that shit is so fast you don't have time to realize whats goin on!) it was a great day and with awesome friends. Aside from that I have been really enjoying myself so far this summer. I promise to be back to working capacity with a new modem soon. laters.


The Reverend Dan said...

Damn man, King-da-ka and I missed it. I left work for a blinding migraine attack instead of shitting my pants on a roller coaster. Terrible.

VagabondCherry said...

i <3 roller coasters and scary rides more than anything! i'm jealous! i've got to get my ass to an amusement park and scare the bejeebus out of me soon!