Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is the last Blog...

I will post while still being 32. as of midnight tonight RS3 will be 33. Yeah I know "old Balls, Gross" but it happens, you get old. as 33 comes I hope for a better year, then my last. I'm not saying I did not have a blast, but I had some pretty dark and down moments. Such is Life. As Dante once said (Hicks not Alighieri) Thats all life is a series of down endings, Now I don't really subscribe to that as a whole, It does have a dash of truth. I would like to think I'm a glass is half full kinda guy. well let me be off to shower and get ready to work and then have me some fun. I leave you with this, Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thats advertising!

Holy fuckin shit I'm gonna be 33 this year. That's right RS3 will be 33. I hope it's a good year I mean not one but a year with two 3's. I had yet to figure what I was gonna do to celebrate by 33rd year on Earth. Go to Lucky's? ehhh, been there done that. Do it at POP's....over done? well I did not know where to go.

Oh wait I'm the Lamp post on May 21, 20 days after my birthday...or 20 days later. I like Zombies. I loved 28 days later. 20 days later. lets go for it. I asked first the reverend Dan to do it, But I was slow on the uptake to ask him again. I told it to Bextacy and she said I can do that. and she did. what a job. Thanks Beck's

Monday, April 21, 2008

But what did you Buy?

so what did I buy at the NYCC, lets see

2 t-shirts, one a black t with a blood stain that is a skull and it says "BRUTAL" do to the fact that I love Metalocalypse, and Nathan Explosion...Brutal fit.

another t is a white t with a screen printed Godzilla over a Japanese flag.

An Indiana Jones Limited edition Crate that had packed in it the three little Sankara Stones from the temple of doom and the cup of Christ from the last crusade. it was a blind package (you could have also found a tablet and the golden Idol from Raiders of the lost arc, or the Crystal skull)

I also purchased the Killing Joke hard cover 20th anniversary edition recolored by Brian Bolland.

Preacher graphic Novels 1-4, some pins, an autographed Arthur Suydam poster of zombie Marilyn Monroe done in a Warhol homage. (it's just the art not any of the words) And that was pretty much it.

The Rundown: New York Comic Con 3.

This past weekend I spent two days at the New York Comic Con which will be called the NYCC from here on in. This is the third year I have gone and like the past two years it was great. It's is a surreal place to be. The god's of comics walk among us, a place where you can dress like what ever you can imagine and only be judge slightly (fat girls in Gold lemme not good.) This is the place where the Comic book is celebrated like it is the fuckin bible.
Friday afternoon I left the JC to hit the Path, to make my way to the land of sequential art. it was a gloriously warm day in Gotham as I hopped in a cab and we headed to the Javits center. The line this year was way better then the past 2 years, thank Christ. Within 15 minutes I was inside. Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, Image, and tons of small press co. all commingling. I was all a twitter I did not what to see first or look for, my head was on overload.
Now This year there were three things I really wanted to do Meet Stan "the Man" Lee, Alex Ross, and hopefully get to meet the cast of Hellboy 2 and the man with one of the most amazing visual style in the game Guillermo Del Toro.
well I missed the Stan lee ticket giveaway, but hey I will still be there for Alex Ross on Saturday. I also picked up my my raffle ticket for the Hellboy 2 signing that was going to happen on Saturday afternoon, there was gonna be limited placed in the line and the raffle was going to be picked Saturday morning afternoon. I walked around did some shopping (my list of purchase will follow in another blog.) Now I knew that legendary writer/ artist Kyle Baker was gonna be on hand so I made sure that I took the Joker magnet off my fridge cause he did the art for it years ago. I approached him with it and asked him to sign it. He looked at it said "so they turned this piece into a magnet too, you know them corporate will pay you for your art and then just run with it" he was very nice and friendly we chatted for a bit and then I moved on. did some more looking around just having a good ole time. it was getting a bit late so I was sore (I think I packed my bag a little too heavy) and besides it was 7ish so time to wrap it up I had Saturday to look forward to. I sat in a panel for the Marvels Secret Invasion, say what you will about Marvel Comic Editor in Chief Joe Quasada, that's one funny guy. fun panel (filled with a lot of real Geeks the guy sitting next to me had the greasy hair combed tight to his head wearing a Canadian tuxedo (see super troopers, the guy even had the nerd laugh and voice to go along with everything else this guy was really right out of revenge of the nerds.) and now it was time to take on more walk through and head home. As I made my way to the exit I decided to pick up some graphic novels, hey 25% is a great discount. So I went to the Jim Hanley's Universe to grab a few Graphic Novels I settled in with Garth Ennis' Preacher (I have the G.N. But I can't find them in my long boxes so it a great Read fuck it get them again.) While I was there looking at all the stuff they had I turn around and who else is buying Graphic Novels with my but Bill Hader (SNL, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) I asked him if he would Pose for a picture he was like sure. I said you know we have to justify to the non-believers that this is a legitimate art form and cool people are into it. At this he replied Where are the cool people? we all laughed he went his way I left the con hopped a shuttle bus walked to the path and headed back to the DT/JC.

Day 2: woke up at 9pm, with a bit of a hangover, walked to Paradise grabbed a breakfast sandwich and some drinks for the day, then hit the path, cab and goto the Javits. Surprising there was no line just walked right in...amazing. First thing I did was get a scetch from Beetle Baily Creator the great Mort Walker, what a truly nice man. walked around again took the sights in. Saturday the room was packed. Walked around picking up a few t-shirts (brutal) and some more Preacher Graphic Novels. I went to the Alex Ross area and asked the guy when Alex was doing his signing he said around 3 or 4, I then asked if you needed a ticket he said no...awesome.
it was now around 1:30 when I went to see if I made it into the HB2 Signing they picked 80 numbers and 20 alternates. My number was the last number on the alternate list. Fuckin Great. I have to see if the first 80 don't make it and then have to deal with 19 alternates and then I just may get to make it in. as the day wore on I went to get in line for Alex Ross when someone told me they gave out 75 tickets earlier in the day. FUCK! No Stan Lee, No Alex Ross, and 99 numbers to contend with for the hell boy signing. around 3:30 I went back to the Dark Horse Area and lo and behold it was 45 mins to go till the signing and not all of the numbers had been taken, I went up showed the lady my number and she said well there you go her is your wrist band...HOLY SHIT I was gonna meet the Cast, director and creator of hellboy! I took my place in line when I found out that 100 numbers had been picked from over 3000 tickets give out I really got lucky on this one. As I stood in line Zack from pops called he was in the house I meet up with him he found me on the line, we shot the shit when Alex my boss from work rolled in, wow 4 is the time to be at comic con I guess. It was 4:22 when the cast came out. the crowed went ape shit! as I stood there I ran in to my old pal Soppy, I have not seen him really since NJCU Days, we talked and then it was my turn to meet the actors and get them to sign 1 thing. shit I really wanted to get them to sign my Hellboy DVD booklet, first up was Doug Jones (Abe Sapian) really nice guy they each had a comic from the movie with their respected Character on the cover he signed that and my DVD book, awesome. next was Selma Blair(Liz Sherman) wow what an amazing beauty in person...she was stunning I really did not talk to her as my tounge had become tied. when I asked her to sign my DVD book she had no problem wow 2 down! Next up was the Big Man Himself Ron Perlman(Hellboy) I have more or less grew up watching this guy. My parents always watched Beauty and the beast when I was a kid, plus he always pops up in interesting shows and movies. This is not a small man by no means. I asked him to sign the booklet and he said "you got it pal" what a Nice guy, after him was the Father of Hellboy Mr Mike Mignola. nice guy who also had no problem signing my DVD, last but not least was Mr. Guillermo Del Toro...I walked up to him and said "You sir are a Genius" he said "nah I am just a man who makes movies for people like you. he signed my DVD book and told me good luck. It is only a matter of time before this guy wins an Oscar and I got to shake his hand. it was amazing.
after all that I had to catch my breath and ran in to Soppy again he asked if I would like to join him in going to the Quick Stop entertainment Panel at 5 or something like that I said sure we killed some time got in line and had a blast in the panel. They showed us some behind the scenes stuff from Kevin Smiths New project Zak and Miri Make a porno starring Seth Rogan (knocked up) and Elizabeth Banks (40 year old Virgin) gave out some prizes good time. It was now time for me to take off and head home. I look forward to the NYCC next year. till then don't forget to put that comic back with it's bag and board. (P.S. PIC's will be up this week somewhere)

Saturday, April 19, 2008


full Comic con break down..Oh and I also got to meet the full cast of hellboy 2 and it's director. tomorrow..I love you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I know call me a slacker.

yeah I know I have been slacking on the blog thing but I have been busy. staying out too late, drinking too much. Plus it's starting to get really nice so really who wants to stay in and blog. I am really excited cause tomorrow is the New York Comic Con. I can not wait. I know I'm doing tomorrow (so that I can get the right arm bands for the big signings like Stan lee and Alex Ross.)
I also really want to make sure I get in for the hell boy 2 Talk back with the stars of the film and director. good times I am psyched. Things have been kinda lame of late, been working my ass off last wee was a bitch, but ehh what you gonna do. well that's really it. Look forward to my updates on the comic con. Hopefully I'll get some awesome pics like I did last year. remember don't share needles.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

REALLY 2: Really again.

that Guy? wait for it, And by it, I mean a date Rape. Really? is it that funny. Let him entertain you now. Evil Jokes. Really? You give him that hug. I get. that hug.


You call me, cause I got your fix. I respond, cause you got what I need.
In your mind you are helping, but your not. Call me when you need something, SOMETHING REAL.
You help me work. I preform a service. I got. what you need. you got. what I want.
symbiotic. relationship. Consumer rational, friendship.
Call and be honest. I respect that. Please don't front. I hate that.(2X)
want to hang out, that's cool. for 25 seconds that's not cool.(2X)
it's what I have, on me, not what I,have within me.
You help me work. I preform. a fucking service. I got. What you need. You got. What I want.
Symbiotic. Relationship. Consumer rational. friendship.
I'm the devil, I'm you death. You hate me. You fuckin love me. YOU FUCKIN' HATE ME, YOU FUCKIN LOVE ME, CAUSE YOUR MY DEATH, YOU'RE MY FUCKIN DEVIL.
you call me, cause I got your fix. I respond. cause you got what I. you got what. you got what.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unexpected parties, Truthers, and way too much booze.

alright I have heard you, I know I was being a lazy fuck, but I had some hardcore Bloggers-Block. I guess the emotion that I spilled out in the past kinda drained me a bit. Hey I'm only human, and I got bit by the party animal. I have been having a blast this past week I guess I should start it all going back to this past Saturday. Last Saturday I was supposed to hang out with a former work friend in the DT/JC. I recently found out that she has ties to Jersey, basically she has a few friends here in town that I also know. The plan was gonna be we all meet up and have a crazy night. The plan fell through, ehh it happens. My pal Max calls me (one of the shared friends) and invited me to come and hang out at the Lamp Post. Some band was goning to play so the plan was to hit the L.P. watch the band and see where the night takes us. I get there order a beer and Max turns and says I really do not want to be here again, another night, at the Lamp Post. O.K. whats the plan? He was invited to a going away party at some girls house, so we decide to cut out of the bar and head over to this party.
We get there and the only person I know is Max. Oh well, lots of hot girls not bad. As the night progressed the people that where at the party, started to leave. The Apartment is huge by the way so when people leave it shows. So as the unknown people start to leave all the Jersey City usual start popping in. The they started to make calls. By 3:30am the party was dominated by the J.C. local party people. At some point Miss Emily Faith thinks it's time to move the party to her house, so, we do. 3:45 in the morning a group of intoxicated young people are walking up Newark Ave. we looked like some sort of wolf pack. (a wolf pack is a roving group of young tuffs that mug people, be we did not have violence in our eyes just drunkenness.)
We get to Emily's house and it was really nice, a bit more intimate. Good people having a good time. I was talking to my pal Doug, who informed me that I'm "a decent guy" always nice that people think your a nice guy and not some asshole date rapist or Common duche bag.
around 6 A.M. I stumble home. I get in the house, and knew I had to drop a Deuce. Sit on the bowl. Pass out. I finally finished my business and had the where with all to go to bed. I did not want the roommate to walk in me doing my drunk imitations of Elvis' last moment.
Sunday I spent sleeping, then going to my Parents house I promised my Mom I would go see "21" with her at the movies. The movie was ehhh.
I was looking forward to Tuesday night. I planned on starting my work shift early so I could end early, and make my way to Hoboken. I hung out with Sweet Pea a bit while I did the bar hop bit, left her off at Lucky 7's and was really excited to almost be done, all I knew was this was gonna be a fun time. Ryborg and Ro-beast are in a great Band Called ,They Share a practice space with Billy Alphas band the Plan for last night was P.M.F. practices, finish up then Billy and I descend on the space and party like rock stars sans the hot chicks. Billy called it a "truthers" how true a "rock star" are you can you Drink, Smoke, and still play awesome improvisational music. I was going for the ride what the hell. I play excellent Cow bell but I don't think this music was gonna need cow bell. After they played a few songs They look at me and was like...well aren't you gonna sing? I have not sang with heart in a long while Rock band and drunken bar sing-a-longs do not count. So not only did I sing, my ass off, I wrote or rather Improvised all the lyrics to the fuckin' awesome music Borg, Beast and Alpha wrote. all on the spot. they gave me the name of the tune or I would come up with it on my own and we riffed. It's like blogging, but with a great beat. Last night we wrote "hobgoblin" "twentyfivecentfriend" "slice of life" and "bus stop" well bus stop never really got off the ground. we slept at the space (oh BTW the space is Bullshit.) woke up at 9am Ro-beast drove us all home and that was it. slept for a bit, went to the office, went to the lamp post to entertain Sweet Pea and now I sit here reflecting on these past few day thinking ahhh good times. Oh yeah and I got drunk, a lot. almost every night. Like I said I got bit by the party animal, and that is why I have not been blogging. Well that's it for now, but don't forget if you have a grease fire use backing soda, and not water.

Monday, April 7, 2008

new post..

will come when I'm not drunk.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For Rose.

You want personal, here goes. For the past few weeks I have been sitting in my own cold bath of depression. I am broke. Broke by both mistakes, and booze, emotionally and financially. Today was kind of a topper to these past few days. I have a great support system in my family and friends, and to them, I thank you all. Today or rather tonight as I sat in my room all ready to be a mopey fuck I had a really warm thought that turned my cold piss and vinegar blood, it to something warm and fuzzy.

Tonight I was down and drained, I planned on going home after work to listen to metallica and Stu. As I departed a cranky Ryborg, he said one thing to me, "don't go home and listen to metallica go home and listen to anthrax." So I got home, opened up my brownie that Dancing Tony gave me and put on Anthrax's persistence of time...Anthrax, anthrax has had art commissioned by Alex Ross, Alex Ross did Marvels. Yeah I was going to read "Marvels" recapture my youth, think of "the one" who gave me the hard cover edition I was holding in my hands, and hide in thoughts of my youth.

While I did this, I thought how my day kinda sucked. went to work to pack up a bag like it was my first day, gone are the days of going into the office and spending the day, collecting hours. Then I went home and called "A" to maybe have a dirty conversation. "A" had taken enough of my shit, and read this here blog, and was waiting to strike. You see I have been a dick to "A". All she wanted was to feel good, she wanted me to make her feel good, and no get your mind out of the gutters. But I'm not ready to make anyone feel "good". Anyway, I was stupid and forgot something she planned, and instead I did something else, with someone else, then played sick, then blogged about what I did that day. I lied to her face, yet told the truth here.

She was pissed, I'm sorry. She called me "puke". at the time I thought it was funny, but I thought about it and it stung. day goes on. Later in the night I went to the Babyhole to do my stand-up. Some shitty band played, but I guess they have something cause all the kids came out to watch them stink even "rich girl" (rich girl is a tiny girl who hangs out in the D.T., has an amazing apartment and from what I "hear" lives off mommy and daddy) who even though she broke her foot, still made it out. Now was time for the stand up part of the night. The crowd was a bit intoxicated do to the fact that "the Suck band" did not get on stage till 9:40, and stopped sucking after what seemed like forever for me. Enough to make almost everyone Buzzed or drunk or other wise.

I watched the first two guys suffer a hard crowd. then it was me. Tough crowd, but I can handle it. At some point during my set "rich Girl" took the time to stand up, with her broken foot...look me right in my eyes and said "you suck!" I suck. she came out to see "the suck band" but in her mind I "sucked". It hurt, I made a joke, sort of at her expense. people laughed. I then took my leave of the babyhole and went out to do the job, I was hanging out with "O" he has a lot on his mind, He had made a pretty big mistake in his life recently, but that's his bed to sleep in. I tried to help him out, but all I kept seeing in my minds eye was "my mistakes" "the One" and "you suck". Something inside me told me I should not get that messed up. One more beer pay the lady and go home. I was at the Lamppost with Ryan, his Lady friend, and O.

As Ryborg, his Lady friend, and I walked back to the corner, he was all cranky and being the drama king he can be. I had enough I said "Fuck you dude you had a bad day, so did I, and you know what, you are going home with a pretty girl." then it him me I was with a pretty girl also today. Her name is Rose and I have first saw her when I went to the apartment to get my Keys, for the first time. she was on the arm of my roommate.

Rose is an older lady, and as I emerged from my apartment with the sun high in the sky, I saw her walking down the street. She had some bags so I asked her if I could help her, she said "sure and thank you" I took her bag of garbage and she took my arm and we started to walk. She asked where I lived, I told her right here. She then asked if I was Married, "NO" was my reply, she in turn said "I lost my husband , he was 58 years old, Massive heart attack." She continued as we slowly walked up the street. Rose uses a cane to walk "Not at home or in the Office, just on this hard concrete." She also said that she stepped on a nail earlier (in the day, in life?) She went on about her husbands death. "it was supposed to be something small but when the doctors where taking care of him he had the heart attack, and passed." It was three days before her birthday, and she had been in a mass for her parents, who had passed away. Now that's a bad day. as we walked we talked a little about me and my job. I told her "I work at night" she asked even Friday nights. I said "sometimes."

we got to her door and she said "oh no Fridays, are when I watch 'wrasslin'" This Girl loves her 'wrasslin' (no I'm not making fun of her in anyway, that is how she said it.) She told me how her "girlfriend dates a guy who knows Baptista" and How her friend got word to Baptista (a wrestler for the WWE) that her girlfriend meaning Rose, was a huge fan. Her face was completely glowing, as she said "He said that next time they are going to come to town he is gonna come get me, In his car."

She turned to me and asked "what was your name?" I told her my name and she mistakes it for Rob, I corrected her with a smile in my voice. She then responded "I'm Rose, nice to meet you, I will see you soon, I work in the office over here on Saturday stop by" I said "will do, Rose" she turned to her door and was about to walk in when she turned to say to me "your such a nice boy"

So as I sat there last night typing those last words tears running down my face, not tears of sorrow but of hope for my own self. My computer crashed. I guess I need one more thing to go wrong. Most of this was lost but as I drifted to sleep, I chanted remember the words, remember what you typed. I think I did. No matter how much people can be mean to you, sometimes all it takes is one person who had lived a long and full life, filled with some awful days but they can always look to the good. All you need is someone like that to say your nice, and you have nothing to worry about. so next time your having a bad day think about something nice someone said about you, cause some days that's all that matters. Karma does work.

Oh and one more thing...


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Public Fuckin' Service Announcement.

If what I write on here offends you, Don't read it.-so if I was you I would stop reading this now-
If what I write on here makes you Fuckin' uncomfortable, Don't Fuckin' read it.
I know what the fuck I wrote I do not fuckin need you to rehash it back to me.
You can not fuckin' use My own fuckin words against me.
It's that fuckin simple. I don't need anyone to Fuckin' tell me what I should or fuckin' should not write here on my own Fuckin' blog. I write what I know and what I Fuckin' know is the fuckin' truth. From my warped Fuckin' Mind to the keyboard. If you don't Fuckin' like it, Fuck you. Sorry then it's not for you.I think the have a fuckin' blog spot all about fuckin Hanna Montana, fuckin go and fuckin' read that shit. Geezus. O.k. people it that fuckin simple. Like T.V. and radio it's common fuckin sense, You don't like it Turn the fuckin Channel, turn the fuckin Dial or hit the fuckin Back button.
Silly fuckin Bitches.

a hot dog

Really, who throws a hot dog? That's a sin in my book.
Sweet Pea thanks for the bulletin, I will sleep so much better tonight.