Monday, April 28, 2008

Thats advertising!

Holy fuckin shit I'm gonna be 33 this year. That's right RS3 will be 33. I hope it's a good year I mean not one but a year with two 3's. I had yet to figure what I was gonna do to celebrate by 33rd year on Earth. Go to Lucky's? ehhh, been there done that. Do it at POP's....over done? well I did not know where to go.

Oh wait I'm the Lamp post on May 21, 20 days after my birthday...or 20 days later. I like Zombies. I loved 28 days later. 20 days later. lets go for it. I asked first the reverend Dan to do it, But I was slow on the uptake to ask him again. I told it to Bextacy and she said I can do that. and she did. what a job. Thanks Beck's


Kirk said...

Cool. I wanna go. It's on my calendar. Just remember to post that flyer again when we are closer to go time! Cuz I forget stuff.

bextasy said...

Wait... I was your second choice???