Thursday, April 10, 2008


You call me, cause I got your fix. I respond, cause you got what I need.
In your mind you are helping, but your not. Call me when you need something, SOMETHING REAL.
You help me work. I preform a service. I got. what you need. you got. what I want.
symbiotic. relationship. Consumer rational, friendship.
Call and be honest. I respect that. Please don't front. I hate that.(2X)
want to hang out, that's cool. for 25 seconds that's not cool.(2X)
it's what I have, on me, not what I,have within me.
You help me work. I preform. a fucking service. I got. What you need. You got. What I want.
Symbiotic. Relationship. Consumer rational. friendship.
I'm the devil, I'm you death. You hate me. You fuckin love me. YOU FUCKIN' HATE ME, YOU FUCKIN LOVE ME, CAUSE YOUR MY DEATH, YOU'RE MY FUCKIN DEVIL.
you call me, cause I got your fix. I respond. cause you got what I. you got what. you got what.


VagabondCherry said...

i like it!
i want to hear it with music...
please tell me it rocks
and is loud and angry and
(maybe even punk!)
i'd hate to hear some slacker
shit with an accoustic,
whiney john mayer thing...

RS3 said...

oh it rocks cherry don't you worry your pretty little head about that. Music is loud and fast. Vocals harsh and loud.
the truthers don't play that john Mayer shit.