Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is the last Blog...

I will post while still being 32. as of midnight tonight RS3 will be 33. Yeah I know "old Balls, Gross" but it happens, you get old. as 33 comes I hope for a better year, then my last. I'm not saying I did not have a blast, but I had some pretty dark and down moments. Such is Life. As Dante once said (Hicks not Alighieri) Thats all life is a series of down endings, Now I don't really subscribe to that as a whole, It does have a dash of truth. I would like to think I'm a glass is half full kinda guy. well let me be off to shower and get ready to work and then have me some fun. I leave you with this, Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone.

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VagabondCherry said...

tell us about the
birthday weekend high-jinx!
hope you had a stellar
weekend dude!