Monday, May 5, 2008

Older, better, drunker.

So it was my birthday this past weekend (starting Wednesday.) and I had a great time! Wednesday was the start and it was a good one. Midnight came and with it May 1st My birthday I was at pops and that's when the drinks started to flow. Cisco set up some Powers we did some shots, Mitch and Sean S. got me some beers and a shot and at that point I had to get over to LampPost, to continue. Got to lamppost and Steff and brooks where so nice as always, then Silk got me one big honking shot the beets and shots kept coming, I had to get home.

woke up feeling fine which I was surprised about. Went to work got my shit for the night, Yes I worked on my birthday, I reasoned that given that I will be out at bars May as well work and reap the benefits. I also had to look forward to Bextacy coming by to take me pout for dinner. she came by we hung out most of the afternoon then it was dinner time over at the Embankment. Man that place is fancy, I have to suggest you go there and order the pork belly....soooo fuckin good. After a wonderful dinner I went home and got ready for my night.
Started at Abby's, Amy got me some beer Cindy and the Reverend Dan got me a drink, J-Pac rolled through, and we went to Lucky 7's (Drink tally so far...3 smithwicks, one shot of powers)
At 7's my I got a beer from J the Bartender, and his cousin tom backed me up. At this point this beautiful Tattooed creature approached me, had to be over 6' tall with heels, Jet Black hair, Blood red lipstick, this woman looked like Cat von D, no fucking Lie. one of those girls you have a hard time talking to cause you mind is racing about thing you will never get to do to her. once I was done running her I.D. she asked me if I wanted a shot, yea I want a shot! She got me a shot of the Knot, for those who don't know what the knot is it's a whiskey infused with honey tastes like cream soda, goes down super smooth but is 106 proof, shit will knock you on your dick!
then I ran into Mike A. who said since it was my birthday anything I wanted was on him. So I got another PBR and a double shot of powers. then it was time to hit Pops. (drink Tally now 3 smithwicks, 3 shots of powers, one shot of 106 proof Knot, and 4 PBRs)
Pops was fun Ryborg, Lady friend, Cisco all the folks where out and the drinks came some more I had 2 buds and 2 shots of powers. but Alas it was getting to be lamp post time. we settled up and we are on to LampPost (Drink Tally: 5 shots Powers, 2 buds, 3 smithwicks, 4 PBR's and 1 shot the knot)
Lamp post is when things start to go blurry, I know I had at least 2 more shots, and about 4 or 5 more PBR's. I know I was pretty slammed, I know Brooks asked me to D.J. for Saturday, I know I left there and hung out with Grace, I know I got called to go back cause I left Adams (co-worker) bag behind the bar. so yeah My birthday was pretty fun! (last drink tally: 8 or 9 PBR's, 7 shots of powers, 3 smithwicks, 2 buds, and 1 shot of the knot) Man I think I may have a problem...nah. well that's it for Thursday night I'll be back in a while with my rundown of Friday, plus my Review of IRON MAN. till then remember do not leave small children near pools.

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