Thursday, May 8, 2008

do you think about life after death?

I was posed this question today. Yea I do.I want to call it life after life, cause I think Death is an impasse to make other peoples life a tad bit harder. they feel loss, so that it completes a fucked upped shit circle of grief. I pray there is, cause as wonderful life is, it can be a cunt. You have to think life is wonderful. Sure it shits on you and it's the opposite of easy. We carry on. That's why I think there is something more. The Really good people I don't think they have to wait. The sinners, we know purgatory, cause we lived life to good..we need to want it. The Evil, those that lead the good to bad paths. The one's who make other's life hard, The one who intend the hurt...they go to the place where what they produced, hurt and pain I think they will never know, what it feels like to be loved. I guess that's the moral, Love people, Love Life, and you will know Love. So if you're a douche, change you ways...cause it will suck...You'll never learn, and you'll burn.
So that is my answer, that's what I believe. I'm full of love, I have a lot of it, so maybe I'll be O.K.

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