Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lets finish this weekned BS up already.

when I last left you, I had staggered home and hung out with grace. she was a little too drunk to go home so she stayed over. woke up and I had some shit to do I was all psyched for Saturday night cause Brooks asked me to D.J. the LampPost that night, now my original plan was to hook up with a bunch of people and do a sort of JC bar crawl. I ditched that idea to D.J., drink for free and get payed to play music which I love to do it was a can't loose situation. I was also looking forward to getting a park Tavern Burger with Reever from Pop's, Reever is a beautiful 6' girl who sometimes hangs at pops. Nice Irish girl, red hair (aww yea) but she has a sparkling personality. We were to goto the Park Tavern cause she never had a PT burger (and if you have not yet had one I suggest you do at the earliest convience) so I sat around the house for a while, then Justin AKA new roommate was gonna stop over with a check to hold the apartment. he came over around 3:30 with his Girlfriend who is a lovely girl. she liked the apartment so it looks like this is gonna work out. I started to get ready for my Burger meeting when Reever text's me she is running late, she got pulled over doing 90 MPH on rt 440...silly fast driving girl. we meet up and it was a wonderful time at PT burger was great as per usual we get back to the DT/JC and she takes her leave. I have to get my shit ready to head over to LampPost but I stop into pops to meet up with Seany, an O. we have a few bud but zero hour was descending on me.
Get to LampPost when I realize that the CD mixer was not to be found...FUCK.
That means I have to run i tunes, and windows media. But what really upset me was I wanted to play c.d.'s a try out to see if I can play audio from YouTube also. so from my trusty lap to I managed to do all 4 things, and it was a great time. I was also excited to see Mandy and Mundo how cam all the way from Bloomfield to celebrate my B-day with me. Cindy and the good Reverend Dan came thru, Ron and brooks held the fort down, but it was a light night due to 58 was having the Amsterdance. ahh well Sweet pea and her friends stopped by as well as Mander, LuLu, and one of their compartiots. I can't for get about J-pac and his roommate who can bang his head with the best of them. All in all it was a great night. after it was all said and done Ron, Brooks and I stopped by the Amster-party (like an after party) at Emily Faiths house. At this point I was way too fucked up to continue to drink and Timmah said something about McDonald's...So I listened to the Fat lil Kid that still lives in my head and I went. we had to make a pit stop at Lena's (Beautiful bartender at Lucky 7's) place cause someone lost a phone or something like that I was pretty drunk at this point. I get home with my McDonald's sit in my room eat and pass out.
Sunday was pretty boring did my wash, was supposed to go out to see baby mama with LuLu but LuLu Being LuLu she flaked ehh whatever I sat up till 5am watching hell boy and the making of hellboy DVD and that is as the kids say is that. all in all a pretty rad birthday celebration and I would like to thank all the people who got me drinks, hung out and where general well wishers. and with that I leave you with this please always remember to put the cap back on the toothpaste.

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