Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Final Countdown '2008'

So here it is, that time of year when I give my Best of the year that was 2008. I have been doing this on Myspace for a while but now that I have this here forum I'm gonna use it and run with it may this be the first of may for years to come. The way I work it is this list is all encompassing, music, movies comic, personal what not this is my Blog and what I say goes Damn it. This is also in no real order much like my brain its totally scatter shot. Now Lets commence:

1.Lets start with Comic Books and this year it's not a comic book per say it's a comic book writer that I give the head nod to. His name is Robert Kirkman and he writes to of the best comic I have read in quite a while... (A)The Walking Dead:If you love Zombies like I do I can Not urge you enough to pick up this comic. Now Granted this book has been around for 5 years, but I did not start reading it till this year. I have to give Major props to my Local comic book guru Floyd over at FJB comics here in downtown Jersey City, he totally got me and Grace into this book. It's the story of a man who wakes up to the Zombie Apocalypse that I fear everyday. He finds his family living with a group of survivors and that's how the story starts. This is not run of the mill zombie comic it has pacing that is amazing. Sometimes the horror does not come from a zombie but another human. Kirkman has a solid cast of characters but he is not afraid to kill them. That's right you can go 20 issues loving one character and then turn the page..and boom dead. it does not matter what sex or age is, no one is safe. every issue is a work of art thank to the art team of Charlie Adlard and cliff Rathburn. This is one comic that has me waiting for the next issue as if it was a t.v. show. Drama Lives in this book. I do warn you if you do pick this Book up you will be back.

(B)Another Robert Kirkman book is INVINCIBLE this one is for all my Spandex hero fans. Like "the Walking dead" this book has been around for a while but it's another one I did not join till I picked up the collected editions, and boy am I glad. This is an all age book that harks back to the early days of Marvel comics, it has everything you would want awesome superhero's, vile villains and family drama. I almost hate to say this, but Fuck HEROES, this is what the superhero dissection is all about. it deconstructs it and at the same time adds to it. It has a twist that would make M. Night Shyamalan gasp. The art work fits it so well, the story is on going and I can't say anymore with out sounding like a creepy love letter. If you like superhero books pick this one up it's got the goods!

2. This was the year for us comic geeks and there where 4 movies that really made me happy.

(A)The Dark Knight- What can I say that has not been written yet? Heath Ledgers JOKER, perfect. Scary. Haunting. Amazing. After I saw this movie I went back and reread 'the Killing Joke' by Allen Moore and you think of Ledgers JOKER and it adds something. That's right a comic book movie made my reading a comic book a little bit more enjoyable. yea it was a bit long, but come on when that truck flipped, I could have gone home a happy boy.

(B)Iron Man-PERFECT! Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark...perfect casting. He was Tony Stark, Like Ledgers JOKER the was IRON MAN I loved everything about this film. It got that marvel comic tone down, man. The music, the Score, the acting, everything. Got to hand it to Jon Favreau, he understood the source material and had a blast with it. It just worked so well. I was 12 again sitting in my parents kitchen reading my Wednesday shipment of marvel comics. I was so happy that they got it so right, I would say more so than Spider-man.

(C) Hellboy 2-LOVED IT! maybe I was biased cause at this years comic-con I got the chance to meet the cast, and the director Guillermo Del toro, an amazing visionary. What he did in Hellboy 2 was make it his own. Crazy monsters, larger then life threats, and a barry manalow sing along between a big red demon and a amphibious blue creature...I was laughing my ass off. Ron Pearlman is the only person who should ever play Hellboy if he does not want to play it again that's it, wrap it up.

(D)The Incredible HULK-I enjoyed the fuck out of this film, I really did. It had what Ang Lee's did not it had a real threat, and it had Hulk say "Hulk Smash" gone was the bullshit heavy handed art house crap of Father and son conflict, no it had the fucking Hulk fucking up shit in New York City, Fighting the abomination, using a cop car as boxing gloves holy crap! Pure fun, so happy.

3. It was a great year for me in music, lets start with shows, Got to see Clutch what was it 3 times this year the Atlantic City show was amazing and great times with a bunch of my friends, the show in Philly with Coheed and Cambria was great and the show at the starland ball room was sick! If you have yet to see CLUTCH get out and see them. One of the best live bands to ever play out. Another Band I went out to see a couple of times was as mentioned before Coheed and Cambria, the show with Clutch was great but the show at Terminal 5 was amazing. they played four nights each night dedicated to one of their albums. I did not see all 4 shows but I did make it out to see them play 'In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 my personal favorite album by those guys and I was not disappointed. the whole album, wow. More band should do this really.

as for Albums Metallica's Death Magnetic was fucking awesome. This is your fathers Metallica and I am so grateful for it. Hard, Fast, Brutal. I guess they watched enough Metalpocalipse to see that it's time for the most brutal band in the land to play the way they should...and the Video for 'all nightmare long' well just go find it on youtube and enjoy!

But the real fun in the year of music came from GROOVESHARK...all legal, all Free, all streaming all music. its amazing. it really is the best thing to come around, instant music all day long

4.personal life...I got a girlfriend in 2008, and she is great. she is so funny and sweet, she is willing to put up with my shit. I really can't say enough about her, all around great girl. I also got a new car in 2008 and it's so awesome I love this car more than it knows.

5. and here is the rest that made 2008 great (that rhymed) -Pineapple express, I loved this movie it was so fucking funny it had me laughing my ass off, as did Tropic Thunder, who knew Tom cruse had it in him to be that insanely funny and vulgar. on the T.V. front I loved rock of love charm school, so trashy it's amazing. well i kinda ran out of steam here kids I may add more, but for now this is what I loved about this year I will also post what made 2008 suck in the coming days.
till then have a safe and wonderful new year!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Groove is in the heart

The rumors are all false I'm not dead just been slackin'. I know this seems to be my most common fault of late with this here blog, Just slackin'. But as the year comes to a close and we gear up for the holidays, I find myself looking at the blog and saying...Oh i'll post later or tomorrow. It's been a fine season so far no real snow here in the DT/JC, granted last Saturday night it did flurry but it was fun and yes a snowball fight was had all in good fun. It was the good Rev. infamous Dans birthday and it was also The girlfriends friends birthday so we walked to his house and drinks where had good times. I have been looking for employment and I did get unemployment but man is the job market all dried up. FUCK. I have also been slacking in seeing new movies, I still have to see Frost/Nixon, The punisher, the day the earth stood still (RS2 really wants to see it) plus a few others.
another thing that has kept me from blogging is www.grooveshark.com. it's an all streaming, all legal music sharing application and it's addictive as all fuck, man. right now I'm grooving to the beach boys and was just listening to some skid row, weird musical taste huh? well that it don't forget I have my year end list coming soon so be sure to pop back, ya hear!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Joker

So a while back I was checking out my Pal Justin Smith's myspace page looking at his art work. Justin is an amazing artist and I have always loved the look of his work, very strange and wonderful. One piece caught my eye it was an awesome piece he did of the Joker, I contacted him asking how much did he want for it, he responded with a reasonable price and the ball started to roll. He said it was in storage and he would have to look for it, but as soon as he found it he would send it out. Time went by and I was taking to the good Rev. Dan about it, he spoke to Justin to remind him and that was that. Today while on my way to the Bank, I was greeted by a package in my front hall. I ran back to the apartment opened it up like a kid on Christmas day and staring at me was this eye catching piece of artwork. I am now the proud owner of a great art piece which I can not wait to frame and put up in the house. you can check out Justin and his art here http://www.myspace.com/justinsmith tell him RS3 sent ya.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So as of yesterday my car affectionately known as "denty" has died. She has been giving me problem for some time now and when i took her in for service they told me to repair it fully it would cost me close to $3,000 dollars. So since RS2 works for a major car`dealer here in Jersey city they gave me a good trade in price. So today I went down to the dealership, and got me a 2007 Nissan Sentra. It's beautiful man and it's a great ride. I'm so excited. Her name is Betty Blue and she is wicked..so be on the look out cause it's on!

(BTW thats what she looks like above)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

pictures of you

So I sat with the girlfriend tonight, and we looked at pictures at from her past, and it made me sad. Where did all the photo's of my past go? How is it that one person can hang out with two photo majors and have no real record of his past? where did it all go? The years, the memories, where did they go? I know there is a record of my life...i just want them back, the embarrassing ones, the beautiful ones, where are they? if you have them on record please let me see my past. Do it. do you ever think of the past.

Monday, November 3, 2008

No time for love Dr. Jones

So Halloween has come and gone and I would have to say this was a banner season for yours truly. I went pumpkin picking, and with the girls help made a delightfully geeky pumpkin. (sadly he never saw a candle this year well get on that for next.) I also went to Great Adventure for fright fest with "O" and "sin-d" we had a great time rode some amazing coasters..have to say fuckin El Toro rules...so fast, so high, so scary. We also wen5t on the parachute ride, I remember going on that when i was but a small boy, with my Uncle Tony (R.I.P) and after we got off that he vowed to never go on another ride that day. After years of poo-pooing it we went on it cause Sin-d was like "fuck you all I went on your crazy rides we are doing this for me." so we went on it. For those who don't know what the Parachute ride is it pretty simple, a wicker basket like thing, that you sit on. They then lock you in with a simple seat belt then a flimsy aluminum cage. At this time the cable brings you up pretty high, (higher than the scream machines second high hill) it's at this point when anyone can UN lock the seat belt slide under and jump to their doom. When the Girl and I got to the top I was fuckin' scared like I may have some pee leak out from fear. then you kinda slowly drift down. FUCK THAT RIDE!

This year for Halloween I was faced with the question what do I dress as, I have a bald head, so sure I can go as Frankenstein's monster, or something like that...nope I had a thought while driving to my place on night..fuck it "m gonna dress as Mola Ram from 'Indiana Jones and the temple of doom and that's what I did. I went out bought a simple executioner robe, cut it so that i have only my right arm covered. I did cut too low but I would have to fix that I would need some dark red material which I was gonna buy but Being low on funds I looked into the old clothes closet at the rents place found an old maroon dress shirt, and hey I saw a great pair of pants my mom had so I took those too.

I cut the shirt sewed part to the pants then cut some other material and with the girls help fixed the low cut. Other wise my moob would hang out and no one wants that. so with the extra cloth it stated to look like a real ceremonial sari.

First things first I need make up and we know who to go for that. Brought the make up to Courts place, she did an amazing job on my head and making my eyes seem dark and evil. went to the girls she sewed the extra cloth to me and just as fast as you can say Kili Ma will rule the world I was Mola Ram. the wrist cuffs where electrical tape taped over one another the "teeth" where those "cavemen" necklace things, the other necklaces was from when I went to mardi gras and the heart is from some homeless man near my house.

so that's it instant Villain. I came in second at the Lucky 7s costume contest after Ro-beast, who took the first prize second year in a row. (brilliant Crown friend chicken Box...go look at his blog beauty and the ro-beast[Link in my "what I'm reading area] he may have posted a pic.) so yea a bottle of champagne that someone stole at the other party i went to. But all in all a great Halloween season. well see you soon but don't forget to VOTE tomorrow I don't care who you vote for just VOTE!

BTW: I still name every blog entry with a song title and did so for this blog there is a song called "no time for love Dr. Jones" by Joey Kingpin. So I still fallow my rules.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Black no. 1

Yea, it's my Favorite time of year, and I'm all about it this year I have a great costume Idea, you see (Rudy) when one has a bald head you either have to get a wig for what ever you intend to be or you think of a costume that allows for no hair. things like curly from the 3 stooges, or the monster from young Frankenstein...or Mola Ram from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom. That's right folks I'm gonna be after your heart..with my hands!

Aside from that I also Carved a Pumpkin, with the help from the girl (she is so artistic) The Image is from the first issue of Batman:The Long Halloween and its awesome. (comparison above) isn't it awesome and geeky all at the same time.

Anyway, things have been going good still in need of a job. (but then a gain so is a good portion of the country) well that's about it More in the next blog coming very shortly I promise, all good things to those who wait.

Have a good and spooky Halloween, I'll try not to fall down any stairs.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Got the time

Yes, So I'm back in full fuckin force, interwebs? Check. Pack of smokes? Check. Music playing loudly in the apartment? Check...lets fuckin blog!

So yes it's true the rumors, the back room gossip, the writings on the walls...I have a girlfriend. After much time fuckin around, I decided I met someone who makes me laugh, keeps me somewhat level headed, and can keep up when it's party time. we'll call her Lil' Bit for the sake of privacy. I've been seeing her for sometime now and when it all came down...it made sence. we are so gay together, fat gay baby, gay. (BTW...take time to pop over here. http://www.gay-babies.com/).

enough of that shit lets get down to brass tacks here folks alot has happened in my life got a new job, got let go due to ecomimic bullshit. shaved my head so I'm rockin the bald head..look at the pick over there---> yea kid, I like it. Went out recently with uncle Choo Choo and Boom-Boom to shoot some guns, and ya know what I'm a fucking good shot. My personal favorite gun to shoot was the .44 magnum. Nice kick back, it's like Herr Star calls it in Preacher (a great comic by Garth Ennis..go read it completely available in graphic novel form) it's a fucking DOOM COCK!

It's such a Man gun...I also liked the sniper rifle I killed the shit out of a bowling pin.

in other news like I mentioned played in the JC kick Ball championship. yeah in this pic it's like I'm Remo Williams and my feet ain't touching the ground. we had a blast, team photo is out there I'll find it and post it.

I've really been enjoying myself of late so that's good I hope you all are enjoying yourselves don't forget Halloween is almost upon us so look out for me in my costume. till next time jam out with your clam out!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


added some new shit at the bottom of this thing go look at them become a follower, feed my ego

bring the noise

First off let me say this...FUCK the economy! remember when i said I found gainful employment? well fuck them and the economy I was let go so they could bring in someone else for less money! Yea that's right I got downsized and I'm not talking about my cock after a dip in cold water! this sucks.
On the bright side we got the internets at the 328 again, thanks to roommate Justin, he realized he can't live with out hockey and I can't live with out Tamedteens.com. Yea so back looking for work, back to having sex with old men for money... no wait that's Joe Buck from midnight cowboy not me...yet. I have had such a wonderful time these past few weeks Played kickball in the jersey City Kickball championship games. My team "Team Zombie Apocalypse" lost the bronze metal due to the fact that I could not win at rock, paper scissors. but we did kick some ass. My team was awesome, I will post more on this soon with pictures!
well I have to hit the showers so I can grab some dinner with Ryborg and Lady friend...speaking of which I'm no longer single. that's what we call a tease, folk. be back very soon...who knows maybe a drunk Blog will come tonight.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

going nowhere slow

Hello kiddies, I'm back not with anything of substance or what not but just to lay some of my mind droppings.
Now I know I'm a grown ass man but is anyone watching this nutty lil' cartoon off cartoon network, called Chowder? Man this is a wacky little cartoon. It's about a little purple cat/bunny thing, who is an apprentice chief under some weird big nosed blue thing called Mingus...it's funny as all hell the voice work is what gets me. It's a funny little show give it a view.

Death Magnetic. The new Metallica CD, is so fuckin brutal! It's really fuckin hardcore Metallica again. I wanted to like st. anger but it sucked hard core. This album is back to basics Metallica, old fashion fast, hard, in your face, BRUTAL. This will get the fans of Metallica who left the band during the 'black album' and after come back. My personal favorite tracks on the album are "My Apocalypse" and "All Nightmare long " If this CD had a vagina I would be afraid to fuck it.

Just Got back from a mini Vacation, went to Atlantic City with LuLu, it was a good time. We had a blast, we Gambled, we swam...did you know that Asian kids are like gremlins they multiply in water...no fuckin lie. We got to the pool there were maybe 5 little Asian kids. When we left there was at least 13 or 15 of them. We did not see them walk in..no, they appeared.
we say a little kid get run over by an old woman on a little rascal. Did you know that Saturday night is slutty, let me let my titties out night in AC. Other things we saw, a girl get "low low low" on the boardwalk she made the booty clap. she was a hot mess it was really funny. They sell PBR in 24 oz. cans, We had a delicious meal, and the Harrahs breakfast buffet...holy shit, SO GOOD, so filling. we had a good fuckin' time LuLu won some cash, I maintained what little dignity I have, NICE.

well thats it for now I'm off time to eat. Talk to you all soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So it's been a while, I still don't have the interwebs at my place, and I have not dragged my laptop to my rents house i feel i have been a neglectful blogger, so with this as the day goes on at work I'm gonna drop some things that i have been up to, pop culture tid bits and whats on my mind...
first off look everyone who knows me, knows I'm not at all political, but yes when the time comes I will vote for Barack Obama, why because i can not deal with 4 more years in a republican run country. it seems some people are really caught up on the race card. I don't think it matters to me, but to some they see it as a horrible thing..OMG a black man in office, law'd lawd we'sa gonna be in deep if dat happens. nigga please! I think he will do good things, but we have to face facts anyone has a mighty steep hill to climb, but I would like to see Mr. Obama as our next leader.

why is it that little kids seem to be drawn to my nuts like it has a tractor beam...yesterday another small child almost ran directly into my nizzos. I have had the unfortunate experience of small children running big head first right into my balls on three different occasions. This is both awkward, embarrassing and scary. last thing i need is Chis Hanson walking around some corner an taking me as some kid toucher..it's the other way around folks. kids want my nuts.

Want a good read pick up "the walking dead" graphic novels by Robert Kirkmen it's like crack.

In the I'm wicked excited file...I got tickets to see Metallica in February..motherfuckin' floor seats..awesome Me and Flip are gonna mosh it up!

o.k. time to run talk to y'all later

Sunday, August 24, 2008

get a haircut and get a real job.

Ahh yes so in case you have not heard I got me some new employment. Yes I am back to getting up early, but the good thing is I can make rent..which is a plus. Yeah right after the AC adventure I went for an interview and the rewarded the fact that I clean up real good but saying come to our place every day, type some shit up, answer out phones run around, solve problems and talk on a walkie talkie to guy's who hardly speak English and we will give 6you money. It's a good time. My boss is kind of a jerk he like to act like he's the boss of me, he tell me to do thing, I do them, but when I'm not there I don't do them. I'll show him! The job, or as Coach Z from www.homestarruner.com would say Jorb is in Clifton so it's a quick commute, and because I start at 7:30 (yea ouch) I don't hit all that much traffic. The best part about this job is that I get a pay check every week, I forgot how awesome that was again.
Aside from that things have been going well in RS3 land. I have been doing the same shit, I realized that I may need a little vacation from the DT/JC it's been getting a little stagnant, or maybe it just me. in other news I finally picked the T.V. off the floor and placed it so that we can now sit on the futon and watch t.v. Next step is get cable. Dexter is coming back and I can not miss that, same thing with heroes. In related news I can not, stress that you need to either buy or netflix Spaced. A britcom starring Simon Pegg from Shaun of the dead fame...fuckin' brilliant. trust me, it's bloody great. well with that I leave you...see you all soon children. till next time I remain me you remain you.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Eye Dollar

Hello Children...I'm back, for now or till whom ever I am stealing wi-fi from smartens up and put the ol' security block thing on. That's right here I sit in my slightly warm kitchen typing another fun filled Blog. So today I started my new job. I am back in the world of full time employment whoo hoo...good bye night life, at least till my body gets used to the change, and I get a handle on what I have to do at work. It's a bit sad my nights of looking for an after party on a Wednesday are done. I work for a Trucking outfit, and let me tell you that's some crazy busy shit, man. Given that today was my first day it was a real trial by fire. It was oh hi new guy here do this, get this done, make these calls, answer this question and file this report. But I liked it alot to be the day fuckin flew.
Aside from that, I had a most excellent weekend! Went to Atlantic city, to see Fuckin' Clutch with like all my Favorite people. The adventure started Saturday afternoon, i was already excited cause I was going on a road trip with the Rev. Dan...and I was not gonna have to drive! The good reverend now has his drivers licence! We headed down, and got there before the rest of the posse. That's right when we travel we travel with heads. In the other car was The Robeast, his fair lady miss Maulrat, Ryborg, and the incomparable lady friend (code names are fun.). we met up at the Hotel 3 miles from the boardwalk checked in and started the party, 2 cases of Yuengling, and a bottle of Jim Beam...Fuck it was a celebration. after some pre-party action we headed to the showboat for the show and we still had more people to meet. Waiting for us at the bar was Billy Alpha and his Woman Meghan, this was gonna be a great night, and we still had more people to run into...that's right it's not Atlantic city if my parents are not playing the tables. I said hello to my parents and RS2 decided to come share a drink and meet my friends it also gave him time away from the gambling machine that I call my mother. after some booze at the bar and after sayin later to my folks we hit the House of blues for some righteous Rock and roll from the Mighty Fuckin Clutch! Once we got into the venue we ran into Matt O who some call clutch due to the fact that he has see clutch from what I hear about 150 times, of course the band fucking blew the roof off the place and did some other cliche rock journalist bullshit. If you have never seen Clutch, I can not stress to you go see them an amazing band to see live. After the show I decided it would be a good idea to play roulette, with money that I really did not have. I was up, then I made the mistake to hey why not let it ride. lets say after that I was a bit cranky. We hopped a cab back to the motel and let the good times roll some more. next morning we got ready to leave (after my panic attack because I could not find my glasses) we headed home but first things first we hit Waretown, to go to Sonic. The food was ehh,the girls on roller skates where young and the drinks refreshing. Once we where fat in the belly with fast food we hit the road back home. It was cool to have a mini vacation that was so much fun with so many good people. So there you have it. new job, good Friends, great band, mediocre fast food. That's how I do!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Serpentors Love

Hey everyone I am not dead, or sick or in an asylum as some have may suggested, nor did I move to Canada or Arizona or L.A., like some good folks that used to be part of the landscape that is The DT/JC. I have been lazy and I also, still don't have the interwebs in my apartment. I don't know why but writing my blog in any other place other than my house feels, well forced. I have had a very fun month, and had I had the interwebs I would have filled the cyber space with all sorts of goodness but Alas no webs not write. I'm writing you here today from my secrete base in the heights.
I hope you all have been good, for I have. But the reason I wrote this here blog is simple. I sent Kirk of Plowing Mud Forever Fame (whom, By the Killed at the ace of clubs in the city this past month) an e-mail and he got into saying how he missed my Blogs and asked if I had stopped writing due to the dickbags. No the the Haters hate. If you want proper grammar and spelling go elsewhere you are not going to get it here. I write from my head to my fingers with very little to filter it. I like to write that way, is a diary filled with good grammar I think not.
Yes my tales of getting drunk may seem stale to some or kinda funny to others or sad to a few, but I don't give a flying flea fart. they also seem to like when I come up with my lil' witty cuss words. no let the haters come "hi haters, Hi haters, Hi haters...
In other news The Dark knight almost made me stain my pants. It was that good...really that's my two cents. The Watchmen is now what I sit and wait with baited breath. Aside from that work really sucks they cut my hours so I have to look for other employment, and as anyone can tell you in this job market it is not fun. Well for now I remain me. Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon I promise.

Monday, July 7, 2008

misery inc.

Hey dickbag, you know who you are...I don't yet but when I find out, look the fuck out.

Aside from that it's been crazy over here. still have no internet at the house, which sucks. I have been parting my ass of had a really nice 4th hanging with my friends. Work kinda sucks right now, cut hours and everything...fuck. What can you do ehh? Anyway that's it for now, I have to get back to the dalily grind keep on keeping on.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I started a Joke.

Rather He started a joke, and it don't not make the whole world cry. Fuck no it made us Laugh our cocks off. George Carlin, may you rest in peace. I love watching Carlin do his job, I love nothing more than watching Carlin work...it's true. The Man was a Comic God amongst men. He Was a force, he had an air about him. I was lucky to see the man live in Englewood, NJ and I will now never forget that memory. He was funny and smart and had a way with word and phrases that no other comic had. He had that pony tail that was the only thing he wore that could distract you, aside from that he wore black. No funny t-shirts, no leather suits, no sparkle jackets, no sport coat No trappings some comics try to use. He wore black because it was not what he wore on stage that you wanted to see you wanted to see him and hear him. Calling myself a comic is like calling myself a god damned Dr. for putting a band-aid on someone who is cut, But I do, do stand-up and I tell jokes...and he was my hero. when I do stand-up I wear black. I could gush on for days but that's silly. George Carlin has passed, no go and hit you-tube and watch Brilliance.

Friday, June 20, 2008

got the time.

yeah I got the time to write blogs, but we still don't have the interwebs over at the 3 2 8, which sucks giant balls. Lets see what have I been up to lately. I got a new Tattoo again from Chuck over at the Jersey City Tattoo co., like a bunch of other people I got the 13 on the 13 for 13. I got a 13 in the godfather style font on my right upper chest between my collarbone and shoulder. I have been kinda slackin on my running but it's been fuckin hot out, I need to get a jump rope this week. I also went to Great adventure with Mikey, Ali, Ryborg and lady friend, it was a fuckin blast. What a great day to hit 6 flags we went on Tuesday it was warm not hot, sunny but with some clouds, and there was not a lot of people at the park. Granted the majority of people who where there, man it was Ugly day. we Hit up Nitro (awesome) Batman (always a favorite) the dark knight (not Worth the wait) El toro (holy shit awesome!!!) and Mike and I hit Kin-da ka (that shit is so fast you don't have time to realize whats goin on!) it was a great day and with awesome friends. Aside from that I have been really enjoying myself so far this summer. I promise to be back to working capacity with a new modem soon. laters.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Too Hot

Holy gorilla fuck is it hot outside, Like Kool and the gang said it's too hot lady gotta run for shelter, gotta run for shade. Over at the 3-2-8 it's a steamy mess. last night the new roommate and I tried everything to keep cool. This included but not limited to such activities like sticking our heads in the freezer, wetting bandannas and putting them on our heads (we looked like members of some low level boy band.) and my favorite wetting said bandanna, and letting it freeze a little and the putting it on my head..ahh good times.
So I am gonna help you out with some tips on how to keep cool in the hot hot heat. Take a nice cool not cold but a cool shower...and hey why not take it with a friend, sexy, cool...not so much crazy. Try sleeping with an Ice cube on your chest it keep you cool and when you move Hooo boy a lil cold water fun. Also if you see old people out in this weather make sure to dump cold water on them, they like that. Now I know what I am saying and I'm not under some weird mind control...but be careful with your drinking in weather like this, you could get over heated and suffer some horrible after affects which would all lead to someone dropping a beer...tragic. Well I'm off to suffer some more in this heat, stay cool everyone, like a bunch a' lil Fonzies.

Thank you for being a friend.

To everyone who apparently suffers through my awful spelling and grammar thanks. You guys came to my defence and I do appreciate you all. the people who read my blog, have a laugh or get upset at something stupid I said. so thanks.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

You can't bring me down

Ya know a while back me and cherry made piece. I enjoy taking to the girl we always have a fun conversation. I thought the days of the blog war was over. someone has come out of the shadows , it seems someone who is reading this here Blog has a lot to say, but they do not have the balls to put an name it what they have to say. They just go on and make cute lil' anonymous statements about me. That I am too old for some people Here are the facts kids. I'm 33 Not that old in the scheme of things. They have called me fat boy, well as for being fat, ya know maybe a few month ago and certainly a few years ago Calling me fat would be a true statement, But I am currently in the best shape of my life. I'm rockin a size 34 pants, something I have not been able to do since, oh, high school. I am running with the help of Coach Sweetpea, I'm doing push-up and sit-up and since I started I have gotten a lot better with that. So sure I still have a gut and I'm not going to start hanging out with out my t-shirt on but those days are fast approaching. Ya see what I'm saying is that after a long time I think I am starting to get my shit together. I am on a fuckin' upswing people and I think I have a hater in my midst. So whom ever you are no, you can not bring me down. I have seem the bottom of the fuckin barrel I wrote my god damn name on it so while I'm swimming up, you are just sinking lower. Do yourself a favor use all that energy you are using to post little comments here and either make your life a little better or go fuck yourself with something hard and sand-paper-y.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm Sorry.

Man I totally slacked last month on the blog, and for that I'm sorry folks I will bust my ass this month to let you know all about my Oh so exciting life. Also new this month, every Blog title will be the name of a song. It will relate trust me. if you want you can make it a game and try to guess who sang the song..see fun.
So Saturday afternoon I took the L.E.E. The Law Enforcement Exam, and fingers crossed I say that I believe I did a good job. I am pleased with myself...it was an ego boost I needed after the last week. I had a rough one, granted I had a wonderful memorial day weekend, But like I try not to always say, when you have too much good in your life, Life always brings you down a notch. Quick run down Boy meets Hot Drunk Girl, H.D. Girl is all over boy, Boy does right thing and does not take advantage of H.D. girl, invites her to B.B.Q. we go Have a great time feel a connection, Boy walks on cloud all till Monday night at 11:59 when I get the Text, lets be friends. FUCK! I though I got past smart funny guy friend...but I am not taking this lying down good people, I will talk to her and try to make her mine. or Fail, but hey that's why someone invented day drinking.
So yeah that's about it for here be on the look out for more from Me June is starting to look like a great time! See you next time when I type, "that's why my Friends it does not make sense to play with more than 2 pussies." till then see you soon!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I am not the Law yet but...

So some of you may not know but I am taking the L.E.E. on may 31st. Hey Rs3 what is the L.E.E.? well it's the Law Enforcement Examination, yeah that's right I am thinking of becoming an Officer of the Law. Here in the City that I love, It's a great career, 20 years of service then you get a good pension, insurance for myself and my family if I ever have one. But before I count my chickens, I have to A) pass the Test, and then if I do that and get the call I have to B) make it in the academy. To do that I have to be able to do at least35 sit ups and 26 push-ups in a minute, not to mention be able to run a 18 minute mile and a half. My ass is not ready for that I figure I have 6 months to get my ass in shape.
So I enlisted Sweetpea to be my coach. She is the one to motivate me to get out and run. she has already scolded me for not having running shoes already. I guess my first day of physical fitness started on Saturday.
She called me and told me to meet her at LampPost for a drink and that's when I asked her to be my coach. She said she would. So we left the Post, went down to her house so she could take a shower and what not the plan was to hit liberty state park to fly a kite (and no, I do not have herpes, you don't have to have herpes to fly a kite, but according to the commercials for Valtrax, I think it helps.) So we walked from her place to the Park she was armed with her skateboard and I was armed with a Kite. she was doing a little bit of skating and I ran along side her to keep up. then we walked some more...at some point we got to the area in the park where they have the workout stations, so she said well might as well start to work out now, so we did the park work out. It was fun sit ups I did them, push ups I did them, and I was feeling proud of myself. we walk a little more then flew our kite and headed home. when I finally got back to my place I was fuckin sore. I took a really hot shower and the said fuck it ran a bath and relaxed in my jacuzzi tub (oh yeah that's right we have one here at the 3-2-8) I ten went to Lucky's to grab some food and some drinks, meet up with Ed, Zack, The Reverend Dan and Cindy. after a few drinks I went out to a party near the heights with LuLu, we had a really good time she got drunk and we headed home...the rest is sleep. so yeah I guess this starts my new regimen of work out. I sit and write this while waiting for coach Sweetpea to call me so we can go for a run...whoo hoo. well that's it for now don't forget to keep your toaster out of the bathroom.

Monday, May 12, 2008

where is my head?

Well I have been keeping busy, hanging out with friends, working, D.J.ing, playing Scrabulious on facebook, drinking and reading. I have been kinda working on something I have not worked on in some time. I have an Idea for a short story running around in my head. I think this is a winner. Not a flight of fancy but a real Harsh horror tale. I have the premise, I kinda have an ending, I have motive and I have one grizzly death to write. All I will give you right now is the title "Jersey Devil" I hope to have it done by summers end I am thinking of 200 pages. who knows if I will finish it, it could sit in the either like "horseman." Granted Horseman was to be a graphic novel that I never found an artist for, but that's still an excuse. well that's what I have been working on. wish me luck, and beware sewer plates they can kill ya!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

do you think about life after death?

I was posed this question today. Yea I do.I want to call it life after life, cause I think Death is an impasse to make other peoples life a tad bit harder. they feel loss, so that it completes a fucked upped shit circle of grief. I pray there is, cause as wonderful life is, it can be a cunt. You have to think life is wonderful. Sure it shits on you and it's the opposite of easy. We carry on. That's why I think there is something more. The Really good people I don't think they have to wait. The sinners, we know purgatory, cause we lived life to good..we need to want it. The Evil, those that lead the good to bad paths. The one's who make other's life hard, The one who intend the hurt...they go to the place where what they produced, hurt and pain I think they will never know, what it feels like to be loved. I guess that's the moral, Love people, Love Life, and you will know Love. So if you're a douche, change you ways...cause it will suck...You'll never learn, and you'll burn.
So that is my answer, that's what I believe. I'm full of love, I have a lot of it, so maybe I'll be O.K.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

growing up

Here is a funny question...when was the last time you wanted to do something silly?
Something that made no sense?
something that was innocent and fun?
when was the last time you wanted to stand outside and spin?
when was the last time you called your friends just so you could play hide and go seek or manhunt?
when was the last time Joy did not come out of a bottle, weed or a powder?
what happened?
do we still chase our youth?
we should.
Cause it was perfect.
we did not know life.
we knew fun.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lets finish this weekned BS up already.

when I last left you, I had staggered home and hung out with grace. she was a little too drunk to go home so she stayed over. woke up and I had some shit to do I was all psyched for Saturday night cause Brooks asked me to D.J. the LampPost that night, now my original plan was to hook up with a bunch of people and do a sort of JC bar crawl. I ditched that idea to D.J., drink for free and get payed to play music which I love to do it was a can't loose situation. I was also looking forward to getting a park Tavern Burger with Reever from Pop's, Reever is a beautiful 6' girl who sometimes hangs at pops. Nice Irish girl, red hair (aww yea) but she has a sparkling personality. We were to goto the Park Tavern cause she never had a PT burger (and if you have not yet had one I suggest you do at the earliest convience) so I sat around the house for a while, then Justin AKA new roommate was gonna stop over with a check to hold the apartment. he came over around 3:30 with his Girlfriend who is a lovely girl. she liked the apartment so it looks like this is gonna work out. I started to get ready for my Burger meeting when Reever text's me she is running late, she got pulled over doing 90 MPH on rt 440...silly fast driving girl. we meet up and it was a wonderful time at PT burger was great as per usual we get back to the DT/JC and she takes her leave. I have to get my shit ready to head over to LampPost but I stop into pops to meet up with Seany, an O. we have a few bud but zero hour was descending on me.
Get to LampPost when I realize that the CD mixer was not to be found...FUCK.
That means I have to run i tunes, and windows media. But what really upset me was I wanted to play c.d.'s a try out to see if I can play audio from YouTube also. so from my trusty lap to I managed to do all 4 things, and it was a great time. I was also excited to see Mandy and Mundo how cam all the way from Bloomfield to celebrate my B-day with me. Cindy and the good Reverend Dan came thru, Ron and brooks held the fort down, but it was a light night due to 58 was having the Amsterdance. ahh well Sweet pea and her friends stopped by as well as Mander, LuLu, and one of their compartiots. I can't for get about J-pac and his roommate who can bang his head with the best of them. All in all it was a great night. after it was all said and done Ron, Brooks and I stopped by the Amster-party (like an after party) at Emily Faiths house. At this point I was way too fucked up to continue to drink and Timmah said something about McDonald's...So I listened to the Fat lil Kid that still lives in my head and I went. we had to make a pit stop at Lena's (Beautiful bartender at Lucky 7's) place cause someone lost a phone or something like that I was pretty drunk at this point. I get home with my McDonald's sit in my room eat and pass out.
Sunday was pretty boring did my wash, was supposed to go out to see baby mama with LuLu but LuLu Being LuLu she flaked ehh whatever I sat up till 5am watching hell boy and the making of hellboy DVD and that is as the kids say is that. all in all a pretty rad birthday celebration and I would like to thank all the people who got me drinks, hung out and where general well wishers. and with that I leave you with this please always remember to put the cap back on the toothpaste.

Monday, May 5, 2008

May 2nd=Iron f'n Man

So I wake up on Friday morning a little worse for the wear but hey it's par of the course you drink Like I did on my birthday your going to wake up a bit off. I had a horrible leg cramp which woke me up so that aint cool. I was a bit disappointed cause I was supposed to see Kevin Smith (director of Clerks, Mallrats and jersey girl...that's right I went with Jersey girl.) But The Reverend Dan and I found out Thursday that Mr. Smith postponed his speaking engagement till February 2009...What the fuck dude? So I figured well if I'm not gonna do that and I don't have to work...I'll take my dad to go see Iron Man cause we both were really psyched to see that it look like a sure fire hit. I spent the day with Ryborg where I asked him if he would like to see the movie, he was in for it. So my dad, Ryborg and I set out to see Iron Man in edgewater and here is what I though about it.
Holy shit they fuckin nailed it. Jon Favreau is a master for this film. He rallied to get his man and he did, I can not imagine a better person to play Tony Stark aka Iron man then Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. is with out a doubt Tony Stark. It was like when I saw Micky Rourke as Marv in Sin city, perfect casting. He had the feel of the character, the look the perfectly manicured Goatee (I wish my goatee was that pimp.) the voice everything was Tony Stark. Terrence Howard was a great Jim Rhodes, I even liked Gwyneth Paltrows turn as Pepper Potts. I will say since I just watched the Big Labowski it was a little hard to see Jeff Bridges Play a heavy but that awesome beard and shaved head helped it out (granted was I the only one to think...Holy shit the dude's head is HUGE?) I Suit looked like it stepped off the page. Even the first cumbersome suit like Jack Kirby drew it onto film.
The Plot was more than just an Origin story it really was a good one. But this movie packed more Dorkgasim moments then any other comic film in a long while. They had S.H.I.E.L.D. not just the name but the shield Logo in a parking deck. The reference to the Mandarin (Iron Man major villain in the comic book a Japanese Power broker with world domination on his plate who wears Ten Rings of Power) was there with the Ten Rings terrorist faction. But the best Geek moment, for me was the Stan Lee Cameo. Stan Lee has had a small part in all marvel movies based on if he created them. X-men, yup he was a hog dog vendor, Boo. Fantastic Four, he was a mail man in the first and him self in the second, eeh. He was also in all the spider-man films as a guy who is on the street. But the Powers that be put Stan "the man" Lee in the place he should be. Tony Stark arrives at a fundraiser, as he walks up the red carpet and pats an guy on his back, a man flanked by two beautiful girls, he says Hef Looking good the man turns around and YES it's Stan Lee. perfect if that takes place in the Marvel Universe...the Comic book Marvel universe it would make sense that in the universe, Stan Lee would be the coolest man alive...Hugh Heffner. I really loved that bit.
IRON Man really knocked it out of the ball park go see it. Oh and fellow geeks stay till the very end! that all I will say.
after the movie I went to Pop's had some drinks,Hung out with amandama, Timmah, Raz, Sara, and Kevin. I even Found my new roommate Justin. went home and then Grace called so we had some drinks. well that was Friday. Stay tuned for Saturday where I will be heard saying...NO, I A, NOT GOING TO PLAY THAT!

Older, better, drunker.

So it was my birthday this past weekend (starting Wednesday.) and I had a great time! Wednesday was the start and it was a good one. Midnight came and with it May 1st My birthday I was at pops and that's when the drinks started to flow. Cisco set up some Powers we did some shots, Mitch and Sean S. got me some beers and a shot and at that point I had to get over to LampPost, to continue. Got to lamppost and Steff and brooks where so nice as always, then Silk got me one big honking shot the beets and shots kept coming, I had to get home.

woke up feeling fine which I was surprised about. Went to work got my shit for the night, Yes I worked on my birthday, I reasoned that given that I will be out at bars May as well work and reap the benefits. I also had to look forward to Bextacy coming by to take me pout for dinner. she came by we hung out most of the afternoon then it was dinner time over at the Embankment. Man that place is fancy, I have to suggest you go there and order the pork belly....soooo fuckin good. After a wonderful dinner I went home and got ready for my night.
Started at Abby's, Amy got me some beer Cindy and the Reverend Dan got me a drink, J-Pac rolled through, and we went to Lucky 7's (Drink tally so far...3 smithwicks, one shot of powers)
At 7's my I got a beer from J the Bartender, and his cousin tom backed me up. At this point this beautiful Tattooed creature approached me, had to be over 6' tall with heels, Jet Black hair, Blood red lipstick, this woman looked like Cat von D, no fucking Lie. one of those girls you have a hard time talking to cause you mind is racing about thing you will never get to do to her. once I was done running her I.D. she asked me if I wanted a shot, yea I want a shot! She got me a shot of the Knot, for those who don't know what the knot is it's a whiskey infused with honey tastes like cream soda, goes down super smooth but is 106 proof, shit will knock you on your dick!
then I ran into Mike A. who said since it was my birthday anything I wanted was on him. So I got another PBR and a double shot of powers. then it was time to hit Pops. (drink Tally now 3 smithwicks, 3 shots of powers, one shot of 106 proof Knot, and 4 PBRs)
Pops was fun Ryborg, Lady friend, Cisco all the folks where out and the drinks came some more I had 2 buds and 2 shots of powers. but Alas it was getting to be lamp post time. we settled up and we are on to LampPost (Drink Tally: 5 shots Powers, 2 buds, 3 smithwicks, 4 PBR's and 1 shot the knot)
Lamp post is when things start to go blurry, I know I had at least 2 more shots, and about 4 or 5 more PBR's. I know I was pretty slammed, I know Brooks asked me to D.J. for Saturday, I know I left there and hung out with Grace, I know I got called to go back cause I left Adams (co-worker) bag behind the bar. so yeah My birthday was pretty fun! (last drink tally: 8 or 9 PBR's, 7 shots of powers, 3 smithwicks, 2 buds, and 1 shot of the knot) Man I think I may have a problem...nah. well that's it for Thursday night I'll be back in a while with my rundown of Friday, plus my Review of IRON MAN. till then remember do not leave small children near pools.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is the last Blog...

I will post while still being 32. as of midnight tonight RS3 will be 33. Yeah I know "old Balls, Gross" but it happens, you get old. as 33 comes I hope for a better year, then my last. I'm not saying I did not have a blast, but I had some pretty dark and down moments. Such is Life. As Dante once said (Hicks not Alighieri) Thats all life is a series of down endings, Now I don't really subscribe to that as a whole, It does have a dash of truth. I would like to think I'm a glass is half full kinda guy. well let me be off to shower and get ready to work and then have me some fun. I leave you with this, Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thats advertising!

Holy fuckin shit I'm gonna be 33 this year. That's right RS3 will be 33. I hope it's a good year I mean not one but a year with two 3's. I had yet to figure what I was gonna do to celebrate by 33rd year on Earth. Go to Lucky's? ehhh, been there done that. Do it at POP's....over done? well I did not know where to go.

Oh wait I'm D.J.ing the Lamp post on May 21, 20 days after my birthday...or 20 days later. I like Zombies. I loved 28 days later. 20 days later. lets go for it. I asked first the reverend Dan to do it, But I was slow on the uptake to ask him again. I told it to Bextacy and she said I can do that. and she did. what a job. Thanks Beck's

Monday, April 21, 2008

But what did you Buy?

so what did I buy at the NYCC, lets see

2 t-shirts, one a black t with a blood stain that is a skull and it says "BRUTAL" do to the fact that I love Metalocalypse, and Nathan Explosion...Brutal fit.

another t is a white t with a screen printed Godzilla over a Japanese flag.

An Indiana Jones Limited edition Crate that had packed in it the three little Sankara Stones from the temple of doom and the cup of Christ from the last crusade. it was a blind package (you could have also found a tablet and the golden Idol from Raiders of the lost arc, or the Crystal skull)

I also purchased the Killing Joke hard cover 20th anniversary edition recolored by Brian Bolland.

Preacher graphic Novels 1-4, some pins, an autographed Arthur Suydam poster of zombie Marilyn Monroe done in a Warhol homage. (it's just the art not any of the words) And that was pretty much it.

The Rundown: New York Comic Con 3.

This past weekend I spent two days at the New York Comic Con which will be called the NYCC from here on in. This is the third year I have gone and like the past two years it was great. It's is a surreal place to be. The god's of comics walk among us, a place where you can dress like what ever you can imagine and only be judge slightly (fat girls in Gold lemme not good.) This is the place where the Comic book is celebrated like it is the fuckin bible.
Friday afternoon I left the JC to hit the Path, to make my way to the land of sequential art. it was a gloriously warm day in Gotham as I hopped in a cab and we headed to the Javits center. The line this year was way better then the past 2 years, thank Christ. Within 15 minutes I was inside. Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, Image, and tons of small press co. all commingling. I was all a twitter I did not what to see first or look for, my head was on overload.
Now This year there were three things I really wanted to do Meet Stan "the Man" Lee, Alex Ross, and hopefully get to meet the cast of Hellboy 2 and the man with one of the most amazing visual style in the game Guillermo Del Toro.
well I missed the Stan lee ticket giveaway, but hey I will still be there for Alex Ross on Saturday. I also picked up my my raffle ticket for the Hellboy 2 signing that was going to happen on Saturday afternoon, there was gonna be limited placed in the line and the raffle was going to be picked Saturday morning afternoon. I walked around did some shopping (my list of purchase will follow in another blog.) Now I knew that legendary writer/ artist Kyle Baker was gonna be on hand so I made sure that I took the Joker magnet off my fridge cause he did the art for it years ago. I approached him with it and asked him to sign it. He looked at it said "so they turned this piece into a magnet too, you know them corporate will pay you for your art and then just run with it" he was very nice and friendly we chatted for a bit and then I moved on. did some more looking around just having a good ole time. it was getting a bit late so I was sore (I think I packed my bag a little too heavy) and besides it was 7ish so time to wrap it up I had Saturday to look forward to. I sat in a panel for the Marvels Secret Invasion, say what you will about Marvel Comic Editor in Chief Joe Quasada, that's one funny guy. fun panel (filled with a lot of real Geeks the guy sitting next to me had the greasy hair combed tight to his head wearing a Canadian tuxedo (see super troopers, the guy even had the nerd laugh and voice to go along with everything else this guy was really right out of revenge of the nerds.) and now it was time to take on more walk through and head home. As I made my way to the exit I decided to pick up some graphic novels, hey 25% is a great discount. So I went to the Jim Hanley's Universe to grab a few Graphic Novels I settled in with Garth Ennis' Preacher (I have the G.N. But I can't find them in my long boxes so it a great Read fuck it get them again.) While I was there looking at all the stuff they had I turn around and who else is buying Graphic Novels with my but Bill Hader (SNL, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) I asked him if he would Pose for a picture he was like sure. I said you know we have to justify to the non-believers that this is a legitimate art form and cool people are into it. At this he replied Where are the cool people? we all laughed he went his way I left the con hopped a shuttle bus walked to the path and headed back to the DT/JC.

Day 2: woke up at 9pm, with a bit of a hangover, walked to Paradise grabbed a breakfast sandwich and some drinks for the day, then hit the path, cab and goto the Javits. Surprising there was no line just walked right in...amazing. First thing I did was get a scetch from Beetle Baily Creator the great Mort Walker, what a truly nice man. walked around again took the sights in. Saturday the room was packed. Walked around picking up a few t-shirts (brutal) and some more Preacher Graphic Novels. I went to the Alex Ross area and asked the guy when Alex was doing his signing he said around 3 or 4, I then asked if you needed a ticket he said no...awesome.
it was now around 1:30 when I went to see if I made it into the HB2 Signing they picked 80 numbers and 20 alternates. My number was the last number on the alternate list. Fuckin Great. I have to see if the first 80 don't make it and then have to deal with 19 alternates and then I just may get to make it in. as the day wore on I went to get in line for Alex Ross when someone told me they gave out 75 tickets earlier in the day. FUCK! No Stan Lee, No Alex Ross, and 99 numbers to contend with for the hell boy signing. around 3:30 I went back to the Dark Horse Area and lo and behold it was 45 mins to go till the signing and not all of the numbers had been taken, I went up showed the lady my number and she said well there you go her is your wrist band...HOLY SHIT I was gonna meet the Cast, director and creator of hellboy! I took my place in line when I found out that 100 numbers had been picked from over 3000 tickets give out I really got lucky on this one. As I stood in line Zack from pops called he was in the house I meet up with him he found me on the line, we shot the shit when Alex my boss from work rolled in, wow 4 is the time to be at comic con I guess. It was 4:22 when the cast came out. the crowed went ape shit! as I stood there I ran in to my old pal Soppy, I have not seen him really since NJCU Days, we talked and then it was my turn to meet the actors and get them to sign 1 thing. shit I really wanted to get them to sign my Hellboy DVD booklet, first up was Doug Jones (Abe Sapian) really nice guy they each had a comic from the movie with their respected Character on the cover he signed that and my DVD book, awesome. next was Selma Blair(Liz Sherman) wow what an amazing beauty in person...she was stunning I really did not talk to her as my tounge had become tied. when I asked her to sign my DVD book she had no problem wow 2 down! Next up was the Big Man Himself Ron Perlman(Hellboy) I have more or less grew up watching this guy. My parents always watched Beauty and the beast when I was a kid, plus he always pops up in interesting shows and movies. This is not a small man by no means. I asked him to sign the booklet and he said "you got it pal" what a Nice guy, after him was the Father of Hellboy Mr Mike Mignola. nice guy who also had no problem signing my DVD, last but not least was Mr. Guillermo Del Toro...I walked up to him and said "You sir are a Genius" he said "nah I am just a man who makes movies for people like you. he signed my DVD book and told me good luck. It is only a matter of time before this guy wins an Oscar and I got to shake his hand. it was amazing.
after all that I had to catch my breath and ran in to Soppy again he asked if I would like to join him in going to the Quick Stop entertainment Panel at 5 or something like that I said sure we killed some time got in line and had a blast in the panel. They showed us some behind the scenes stuff from Kevin Smiths New project Zak and Miri Make a porno starring Seth Rogan (knocked up) and Elizabeth Banks (40 year old Virgin) gave out some prizes good time. It was now time for me to take off and head home. I look forward to the NYCC next year. till then don't forget to put that comic back with it's bag and board. (P.S. PIC's will be up this week somewhere)

Saturday, April 19, 2008


full Comic con break down..Oh and I also got to meet the full cast of hellboy 2 and it's director. tomorrow..I love you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I know call me a slacker.

yeah I know I have been slacking on the blog thing but I have been busy. staying out too late, drinking too much. Plus it's starting to get really nice so really who wants to stay in and blog. I am really excited cause tomorrow is the New York Comic Con. I can not wait. I know I'm doing tomorrow (so that I can get the right arm bands for the big signings like Stan lee and Alex Ross.)
I also really want to make sure I get in for the hell boy 2 Talk back with the stars of the film and director. good times I am psyched. Things have been kinda lame of late, been working my ass off last wee was a bitch, but ehh what you gonna do. well that's really it. Look forward to my updates on the comic con. Hopefully I'll get some awesome pics like I did last year. remember don't share needles.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

REALLY 2: Really again.

that Guy? wait for it, And by it, I mean a date Rape. Really? is it that funny. Let him entertain you now. Evil Jokes. Really? You give him that hug. I get. that hug.


You call me, cause I got your fix. I respond, cause you got what I need.
In your mind you are helping, but your not. Call me when you need something, SOMETHING REAL.
You help me work. I preform a service. I got. what you need. you got. what I want.
symbiotic. relationship. Consumer rational, friendship.
Call and be honest. I respect that. Please don't front. I hate that.(2X)
want to hang out, that's cool. for 25 seconds that's not cool.(2X)
it's what I have, on me, not what I,have within me.
You help me work. I preform. a fucking service. I got. What you need. You got. What I want.
Symbiotic. Relationship. Consumer rational. friendship.
I'm the devil, I'm you death. You hate me. You fuckin love me. YOU FUCKIN' HATE ME, YOU FUCKIN LOVE ME, CAUSE YOUR MY DEATH, YOU'RE MY FUCKIN DEVIL.
you call me, cause I got your fix. I respond. cause you got what I. you got what. you got what.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unexpected parties, Truthers, and way too much booze.

alright I have heard you, I know I was being a lazy fuck, but I had some hardcore Bloggers-Block. I guess the emotion that I spilled out in the past kinda drained me a bit. Hey I'm only human, and I got bit by the party animal. I have been having a blast this past week I guess I should start it all going back to this past Saturday. Last Saturday I was supposed to hang out with a former work friend in the DT/JC. I recently found out that she has ties to Jersey, basically she has a few friends here in town that I also know. The plan was gonna be we all meet up and have a crazy night. The plan fell through, ehh it happens. My pal Max calls me (one of the shared friends) and invited me to come and hang out at the Lamp Post. Some band was goning to play so the plan was to hit the L.P. watch the band and see where the night takes us. I get there order a beer and Max turns and says I really do not want to be here again, another night, at the Lamp Post. O.K. whats the plan? He was invited to a going away party at some girls house, so we decide to cut out of the bar and head over to this party.
We get there and the only person I know is Max. Oh well, lots of hot girls not bad. As the night progressed the people that where at the party, started to leave. The Apartment is huge by the way so when people leave it shows. So as the unknown people start to leave all the Jersey City usual start popping in. The they started to make calls. By 3:30am the party was dominated by the J.C. local party people. At some point Miss Emily Faith thinks it's time to move the party to her house, so, we do. 3:45 in the morning a group of intoxicated young people are walking up Newark Ave. we looked like some sort of wolf pack. (a wolf pack is a roving group of young tuffs that mug people, be we did not have violence in our eyes just drunkenness.)
We get to Emily's house and it was really nice, a bit more intimate. Good people having a good time. I was talking to my pal Doug, who informed me that I'm "a decent guy" always nice that people think your a nice guy and not some asshole date rapist or Common duche bag.
around 6 A.M. I stumble home. I get in the house, and knew I had to drop a Deuce. Sit on the bowl. Pass out. I finally finished my business and had the where with all to go to bed. I did not want the roommate to walk in me doing my drunk imitations of Elvis' last moment.
Sunday I spent sleeping, then going to my Parents house I promised my Mom I would go see "21" with her at the movies. The movie was ehhh.
I was looking forward to Tuesday night. I planned on starting my work shift early so I could end early, and make my way to Hoboken. I hung out with Sweet Pea a bit while I did the bar hop bit, left her off at Lucky 7's and was really excited to almost be done, all I knew was this was gonna be a fun time. Ryborg and Ro-beast are in a great Band Called http://www.plowingmudforever.com/ ,They Share a practice space with Billy Alphas band http://www.wjandthesweetsacrifice.com/. the Plan for last night was P.M.F. practices, finish up then Billy and I descend on the space and party like rock stars sans the hot chicks. Billy called it a "truthers" how true a "rock star" are you can you Drink, Smoke, and still play awesome improvisational music. I was going for the ride what the hell. I play excellent Cow bell but I don't think this music was gonna need cow bell. After they played a few songs They look at me and was like...well aren't you gonna sing? I have not sang with heart in a long while Rock band and drunken bar sing-a-longs do not count. So not only did I sing, my ass off, I wrote or rather Improvised all the lyrics to the fuckin' awesome music Borg, Beast and Alpha wrote. all on the spot. they gave me the name of the tune or I would come up with it on my own and we riffed. It's like blogging, but with a great beat. Last night we wrote "hobgoblin" "twentyfivecentfriend" "slice of life" and "bus stop" well bus stop never really got off the ground. we slept at the space (oh BTW the space is haunted...no Bullshit.) woke up at 9am Ro-beast drove us all home and that was it. slept for a bit, went to the office, went to the lamp post to entertain Sweet Pea and now I sit here reflecting on these past few day thinking ahhh good times. Oh yeah and I got drunk, a lot. almost every night. Like I said I got bit by the party animal, and that is why I have not been blogging. Well that's it for now, but don't forget if you have a grease fire use backing soda, and not water.

Monday, April 7, 2008

new post..

will come when I'm not drunk.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For Rose.

You want personal, here goes. For the past few weeks I have been sitting in my own cold bath of depression. I am broke. Broke by both mistakes, and booze, emotionally and financially. Today was kind of a topper to these past few days. I have a great support system in my family and friends, and to them, I thank you all. Today or rather tonight as I sat in my room all ready to be a mopey fuck I had a really warm thought that turned my cold piss and vinegar blood, it to something warm and fuzzy.

Tonight I was down and drained, I planned on going home after work to listen to metallica and Stu. As I departed a cranky Ryborg, he said one thing to me, "don't go home and listen to metallica go home and listen to anthrax." So I got home, opened up my brownie that Dancing Tony gave me and put on Anthrax's persistence of time...Anthrax, anthrax has had art commissioned by Alex Ross, Alex Ross did Marvels. Yeah I was going to read "Marvels" recapture my youth, think of "the one" who gave me the hard cover edition I was holding in my hands, and hide in thoughts of my youth.

While I did this, I thought how my day kinda sucked. went to work to pack up a bag like it was my first day, gone are the days of going into the office and spending the day, collecting hours. Then I went home and called "A" to maybe have a dirty conversation. "A" had taken enough of my shit, and read this here blog, and was waiting to strike. You see I have been a dick to "A". All she wanted was to feel good, she wanted me to make her feel good, and no get your mind out of the gutters. But I'm not ready to make anyone feel "good". Anyway, I was stupid and forgot something she planned, and instead I did something else, with someone else, then played sick, then blogged about what I did that day. I lied to her face, yet told the truth here.

She was pissed, I'm sorry. She called me "puke". at the time I thought it was funny, but I thought about it and it stung. day goes on. Later in the night I went to the Babyhole to do my stand-up. Some shitty band played, but I guess they have something cause all the kids came out to watch them stink even "rich girl" (rich girl is a tiny girl who hangs out in the D.T., has an amazing apartment and from what I "hear" lives off mommy and daddy) who even though she broke her foot, still made it out. Now was time for the stand up part of the night. The crowd was a bit intoxicated do to the fact that "the Suck band" did not get on stage till 9:40, and stopped sucking after what seemed like forever for me. Enough to make almost everyone Buzzed or drunk or other wise.

I watched the first two guys suffer a hard crowd. then it was me. Tough crowd, but I can handle it. At some point during my set "rich Girl" took the time to stand up, with her broken foot...look me right in my eyes and said "you suck!" I suck. she came out to see "the suck band" but in her mind I "sucked". It hurt, I made a joke, sort of at her expense. people laughed. I then took my leave of the babyhole and went out to do the job, I was hanging out with "O" he has a lot on his mind, He had made a pretty big mistake in his life recently, but that's his bed to sleep in. I tried to help him out, but all I kept seeing in my minds eye was "my mistakes" "the One" and "you suck". Something inside me told me I should not get that messed up. One more beer pay the lady and go home. I was at the Lamppost with Ryan, his Lady friend, and O.

As Ryborg, his Lady friend, and I walked back to the corner, he was all cranky and being the drama king he can be. I had enough I said "Fuck you dude you had a bad day, so did I, and you know what, you are going home with a pretty girl." then it him me I was with a pretty girl also today. Her name is Rose and I have first saw her when I went to the apartment to get my Keys, for the first time. she was on the arm of my roommate.

Rose is an older lady, and as I emerged from my apartment with the sun high in the sky, I saw her walking down the street. She had some bags so I asked her if I could help her, she said "sure and thank you" I took her bag of garbage and she took my arm and we started to walk. She asked where I lived, I told her right here. She then asked if I was Married, "NO" was my reply, she in turn said "I lost my husband , he was 58 years old, Massive heart attack." She continued as we slowly walked up the street. Rose uses a cane to walk "Not at home or in the Office, just on this hard concrete." She also said that she stepped on a nail earlier (in the day, in life?) She went on about her husbands death. "it was supposed to be something small but when the doctors where taking care of him he had the heart attack, and passed." It was three days before her birthday, and she had been in a mass for her parents, who had passed away. Now that's a bad day. as we walked we talked a little about me and my job. I told her "I work at night" she asked even Friday nights. I said "sometimes."

we got to her door and she said "oh no Fridays, are when I watch 'wrasslin'" This Girl loves her 'wrasslin' (no I'm not making fun of her in anyway, that is how she said it.) She told me how her "girlfriend dates a guy who knows Baptista" and How her friend got word to Baptista (a wrestler for the WWE) that her girlfriend meaning Rose, was a huge fan. Her face was completely glowing, as she said "He said that next time they are going to come to town he is gonna come get me, In his car."

She turned to me and asked "what was your name?" I told her my name and she mistakes it for Rob, I corrected her with a smile in my voice. She then responded "I'm Rose, nice to meet you, I will see you soon, I work in the office over here on Saturday stop by" I said "will do, Rose" she turned to her door and was about to walk in when she turned to say to me "your such a nice boy"

So as I sat there last night typing those last words tears running down my face, not tears of sorrow but of hope for my own self. My computer crashed. I guess I need one more thing to go wrong. Most of this was lost but as I drifted to sleep, I chanted remember the words, remember what you typed. I think I did. No matter how much people can be mean to you, sometimes all it takes is one person who had lived a long and full life, filled with some awful days but they can always look to the good. All you need is someone like that to say your nice, and you have nothing to worry about. so next time your having a bad day think about something nice someone said about you, cause some days that's all that matters. Karma does work.

Oh and one more thing...


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Public Fuckin' Service Announcement.

If what I write on here offends you, Don't read it.-so if I was you I would stop reading this now-
If what I write on here makes you Fuckin' uncomfortable, Don't Fuckin' read it.
I know what the fuck I wrote I do not fuckin need you to rehash it back to me.
You can not fuckin' use My own fuckin words against me.
It's that fuckin simple. I don't need anyone to Fuckin' tell me what I should or fuckin' should not write here on my own Fuckin' blog. I write what I know and what I Fuckin' know is the fuckin' truth. From my warped Fuckin' Mind to the keyboard. If you don't Fuckin' like it, Fuck you. Sorry then it's not for you.I think the have a fuckin' blog spot all about fuckin Hanna Montana, fuckin go and fuckin' read that shit. Geezus. O.k. people it that fuckin simple. Like T.V. and radio it's common fuckin sense, You don't like it Turn the fuckin Channel, turn the fuckin Dial or hit the fuckin Back button.
Silly fuckin Bitches.

a hot dog

Really, who throws a hot dog? That's a sin in my book.
Sweet Pea thanks for the bulletin, I will sleep so much better tonight.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Day of the Month, My lost weekend.

(The giant rib)
Lets start this off with fuck me. Yeah I had quite the weekend, holy crap. Friday i get paid and looking at it and realizing i had to pay rent this week I realized, I'm broke. What the Fuck. So I figure I'll work, So that's what I do. I meet up with Omar, Mikey and Elise over at Lucky 7's had a drink and then I walked on my way leaving Mikey and Omar with Elise. As the night progressed I ran into my friends and neighbors. Workin on a Friday ain't all that bad, Granted it still stinks that you can not really do what ever you want but such is life. after the night went on I ended up hanging with RyBorg and his new "lady Friend" we went to his place but I was kinda tired and a bit drunk.
Saturday was Laundry day over at the rents house. R & M went to AC so it was gonna be a nice peaceful day with no distractions. Then I found My newest obsessions...People I talk about http://www.hulu.com/ WOW it's filled with T.V.'s shows and Movies. I watched 6 episodes of "The Tick" and not the Cartoon the short lived and brilliant live action version. After I came down from my T.V. High I had to pick up Courtney cause it was soon time for Rollie's Surprise Birthday! Ahhh good times we all loaded into Skinners Loft, the look on Rollie's face was priceless. After some drinks and food we walked up to Pop's to continue the festivities. All was good till "panda Vest" showed up. From what I gather "Panda Vest" is the brother to one of the guys who has stake in Pop Merrigans. The only thing is he is 20 and does not have a bar card so Ryborg got a bit more then pissed. Ryborg is very protective of pop's I guess we all are. So Panda vest and his boys take it outside and Ryan is yelling on the phone about how this kid could get the place in a lot of trouble. It's very tense so I walk into the bar and grab a few of the Super Regulars and we go out to get Ryborgs back if any "shit" would go down. It seems cooler heads have prevailed things broke up and it was the go home time.
Sunday and I have one hell of a hangover from the frivolity of the night before. Sweet pea is texting me. Something about Lamp Post and her working. Ehh I ain't got nothing better to do. And honestly a day at the bar with a Hot chick is not the worst day. Go over there she asks if I want a bloody Mary. NO, Not for me but I do come up with a good hang over cure and rapid accelerator to drunkenness. A Bloody RS3. You take a pint of PBR, add a shot of whiskey, and some Tabasco, and you have a Bloody RS3. Drank a few of those looked at some Tattoo mags, ate a delicious Samwich and decided it was time for a tattoo. Walk over to the Jersey City Tattoo Co. and Jessy and Billy was working but really just watching Deuce Bigelo: European Gigolo. I went and got us a tall boy we drank, and laughed and then I went home. Then I get a text from Cherry Coke. You See we have been having a Blog war and it was getting ugly. We Talked it was good. we made a truce and then I was ready to hang out with LuLu and watch dinner for five. I was all about it. LuLu being LuLu Flaked. Now what?
Oh I know I'll go to the Lamp Post for some more beer (I need this like a hole in my liver. But that's what I do. Brooks id pouring Drinks, Chuck was Manning the 1's and 2's and I sat there with Di working on her Stand-up Routine. it was getting late and we all had the hunger. Di and I went to the chicken spot for a bucklet of chicken and a rib.
Yes a Bucklet surprise to anyone but the good folks at the Chicken spot...not the greatest spellers (like I can talk) Brooks brought up the Rib is huge so we had to see if for our selves.
Good People this fuckin' Rib was huge. I said to Di, "I can use this as a weapon. we went back to the bar ate out Bucklet O' Chicken and it was then closing time. Sweet Pea and her pal Freddy showed up looking for an after party. Me I was going home. and that's what I did. Went home and slept.
Today I worked a bit, tonight I'll work. and that's it for me, Do not forget to Dispose of all needle properly.
BTW the Rib Pic will soon follow good readers.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


so I have been commenting on Cherries blog, i gave her a challenge to blog more as an anonymous person, she knew it was me being that her blog is pretty private. she texted me to tell me she commented on my blog. I called her. we talked, for a long while realizing that I'm the same asshole as she is but she is more honest than I, when it comes to blogging. She called me out. The truth is when you have a Very public blog, it can hurt people. I have learned this. so tonight after a good long talk we made a Truce. And so it is. The backend of forever, Cherry.
good night this is what she had to say she is more eloquent than I.

its just not worth it.
the pain
the tears
he fighting.sometimes....
you just need to call
a truce.

Evan Sweeney II

when I was a kid growing up in the heights, i did not have a lot of neighborhood friends. Believe it or not I was shy. I got over it and one day met the Twins. Two beautiful girls who would sort of shape the way I act around other girls. Not Identical twins, but the other. Blue Eyes, Dark hair. They where both a bit evil but in different ways. one would Kill you with kindness, the other was a bitch, and at like 10 she knew it. They where my age, Christ they might be married by now. Anyway, they had a younger Brother. Evan. He was your typical kid, always getting into trouble. Always making my "job" hard. My "Job" being keeping him out of trouble. But he was a good kid. The Sweeney kids where always on the Honor roll, where as I was never. We looked out for one another.
The Twins, Evan and I always hung out. We made our own fun, Yes we produced our own Halloween Play for the people in the neighborhood. We had a club house made up of Pallets. We even recorded radio plays. I had the biggest crush on the "nice" one. Yet in retrospect, I think the mean one liked me. Evan had mischief on his mind always. They came from a broken home, They lived with their mentally unstable mom. their house was always a mess, so shit you could do what ever you wanted. I broke a glass in their basement once and it never got picked up. For me this was great I came from such a clean house, My mom always keeping things in order, my first taste of anarchy.
We had so many good times, we grew into our teens, they moved to their Dad's house in Jackson. I missed them but I had other friends, so it was cool. Evans relationship with his father was never good. His dad walked out on his mom when Evan was but an infant. So the Move to his dads house really affected him. he would eventually move back with his mom on his own request.
when he came back we where both in High School, so we did not really hang much. At this point His mother was worst then ever. Losing her kids for those years made her worst. Evan would climb the wall of my house and knock on my window. we would listen to Suicidal Tendencies and smoke Marlboro menthol's.
As time passed I would see Evan in the neighborhood, but he had new friends as well did I. Evan got into Hard drugs. and so did his mother, I guess when your son is on junk and you have no other way of reaching out to him might as well join him in his down fall. One Day Evan came home from what ever job he was working to find his mother in bed with one of his friends.
Evan made a call to me, But I think I was busy being an asshole.
sometime after that, Evan killed Himself. I am sorry Evan. To this Day I always think about him. Life was was way unfair to that kid. But I guess he will never really be gone, cause I still think of him. On the day of his wake as My parents and I got ready, I felt the need to write something that he would like. I hand wrote the lyrics to a Suicidal Tendencies song and at the very end wrote, you where never alone.
I scream at the sky, it's easier than crying I'm shyest when I'm shouting out loud, I feel so alone in a room full of people. I'm loneliest when I'm in a crowd, I'm alone, and nobody hears me Can't nobody heal me, won't nobody help me I'm alone, I just need Someone to take my hand and pick me up when I'm feeling down Someone to take my heart and give it a home Someone to help me through the times when I'm down and lonely Someone to be with me when I'm alone I'm alone, all alone Alone is the way I live, it's not the way I want it but you know You can't give in, alone is the way I feel, it's so hard to understand Why I've got to be alone [ Chorus: ] If you took a look at my heart you'd see it I'm trying to be something better If you look at my heart you'd feel it I've got to keep moving on If you look in my heart you'd know it I'm just trying to make my world better If you look in my heart you'd see it I got to do it alone I've been down, I've been down I've been down, down, down so low I've been lost, so lost with no place left to go I've had emotions, emotions that you better hope you never know Sometimes it feels like I just can't take no more [ Chorus ] Seems like things just keep getting further out of hand Why can't for once things go as I plan How dare you, how dare you tell me that you understand Let me tell you straight out, there ain't nobody here that can I'm all alone, I'm so alone, to be alone, just leave me alone If you look in my heart, you'll see it If you look in my heart, you'd feel it If you look in my heart you'd know it I'm not trying to make no one bitter I'm just alone, leave me alone, alone, alone, now leave me I've lived in places that you wouldn't never ever want to be Places where for a minute you couldn't ever stand to be I've seen things, I've seen things you'd never want to see So what gives, what gives you the right to be the judge of me I'm all alone, I'm so alone, to be alone, just leave me alone A room full of people, can't nobody hear me, can't nobody help me, I'm alone I just need someone to take my hand and pick me up when I'm feeling down, when I"m down Someone to take my heart and give it a home, when I'm down Someone to be with me and help me through the times I'm down and lonely, when I'm down Someone to be with me when I'm alone I'm alone, all alone Alone is the way I live, it's not the way I want it, but I Know I can't give in Alone is the way I feel, there ain't nothing quite as sad as a person that's alone
Evan Sweeney, I am proud to say I was his friend. Love you Kid.

Evan Sweeny

I had a friend named Evan. Tonight, I thought of him. He was a really great kid. He died way too soon. I am in not the right way, to properly write about him. I will. Evan, I hope you are rockin out. I owe you.

Boo Hoo me

before I even write this blog, I wish some one would punch me in the face. yeah I am a good friend. yeah I'm a nice guy, but I'm not. I want to start the fight. I want to end it. You see at the end of the night, everyone goes home with the hero. No you throw yourself out there, and end up with no a thing. ehhh, remember to always look at the expiration date.