Saturday, December 13, 2008

Groove is in the heart

The rumors are all false I'm not dead just been slackin'. I know this seems to be my most common fault of late with this here blog, Just slackin'. But as the year comes to a close and we gear up for the holidays, I find myself looking at the blog and saying...Oh i'll post later or tomorrow. It's been a fine season so far no real snow here in the DT/JC, granted last Saturday night it did flurry but it was fun and yes a snowball fight was had all in good fun. It was the good Rev. infamous Dans birthday and it was also The girlfriends friends birthday so we walked to his house and drinks where had good times. I have been looking for employment and I did get unemployment but man is the job market all dried up. FUCK. I have also been slacking in seeing new movies, I still have to see Frost/Nixon, The punisher, the day the earth stood still (RS2 really wants to see it) plus a few others.
another thing that has kept me from blogging is it's an all streaming, all legal music sharing application and it's addictive as all fuck, man. right now I'm grooving to the beach boys and was just listening to some skid row, weird musical taste huh? well that it don't forget I have my year end list coming soon so be sure to pop back, ya hear!

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