Sunday, August 24, 2008

get a haircut and get a real job.

Ahh yes so in case you have not heard I got me some new employment. Yes I am back to getting up early, but the good thing is I can make rent..which is a plus. Yeah right after the AC adventure I went for an interview and the rewarded the fact that I clean up real good but saying come to our place every day, type some shit up, answer out phones run around, solve problems and talk on a walkie talkie to guy's who hardly speak English and we will give 6you money. It's a good time. My boss is kind of a jerk he like to act like he's the boss of me, he tell me to do thing, I do them, but when I'm not there I don't do them. I'll show him! The job, or as Coach Z from would say Jorb is in Clifton so it's a quick commute, and because I start at 7:30 (yea ouch) I don't hit all that much traffic. The best part about this job is that I get a pay check every week, I forgot how awesome that was again.
Aside from that things have been going well in RS3 land. I have been doing the same shit, I realized that I may need a little vacation from the DT/JC it's been getting a little stagnant, or maybe it just me. in other news I finally picked the T.V. off the floor and placed it so that we can now sit on the futon and watch t.v. Next step is get cable. Dexter is coming back and I can not miss that, same thing with heroes. In related news I can not, stress that you need to either buy or netflix Spaced. A britcom starring Simon Pegg from Shaun of the dead fame...fuckin' brilliant. trust me, it's bloody great. well with that I leave you...see you all soon children. till next time I remain me you remain you.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Eye Dollar

Hello Children...I'm back, for now or till whom ever I am stealing wi-fi from smartens up and put the ol' security block thing on. That's right here I sit in my slightly warm kitchen typing another fun filled Blog. So today I started my new job. I am back in the world of full time employment whoo hoo...good bye night life, at least till my body gets used to the change, and I get a handle on what I have to do at work. It's a bit sad my nights of looking for an after party on a Wednesday are done. I work for a Trucking outfit, and let me tell you that's some crazy busy shit, man. Given that today was my first day it was a real trial by fire. It was oh hi new guy here do this, get this done, make these calls, answer this question and file this report. But I liked it alot to be the day fuckin flew.
Aside from that, I had a most excellent weekend! Went to Atlantic city, to see Fuckin' Clutch with like all my Favorite people. The adventure started Saturday afternoon, i was already excited cause I was going on a road trip with the Rev. Dan...and I was not gonna have to drive! The good reverend now has his drivers licence! We headed down, and got there before the rest of the posse. That's right when we travel we travel with heads. In the other car was The Robeast, his fair lady miss Maulrat, Ryborg, and the incomparable lady friend (code names are fun.). we met up at the Hotel 3 miles from the boardwalk checked in and started the party, 2 cases of Yuengling, and a bottle of Jim Beam...Fuck it was a celebration. after some pre-party action we headed to the showboat for the show and we still had more people to meet. Waiting for us at the bar was Billy Alpha and his Woman Meghan, this was gonna be a great night, and we still had more people to run into...that's right it's not Atlantic city if my parents are not playing the tables. I said hello to my parents and RS2 decided to come share a drink and meet my friends it also gave him time away from the gambling machine that I call my mother. after some booze at the bar and after sayin later to my folks we hit the House of blues for some righteous Rock and roll from the Mighty Fuckin Clutch! Once we got into the venue we ran into Matt O who some call clutch due to the fact that he has see clutch from what I hear about 150 times, of course the band fucking blew the roof off the place and did some other cliche rock journalist bullshit. If you have never seen Clutch, I can not stress to you go see them an amazing band to see live. After the show I decided it would be a good idea to play roulette, with money that I really did not have. I was up, then I made the mistake to hey why not let it ride. lets say after that I was a bit cranky. We hopped a cab back to the motel and let the good times roll some more. next morning we got ready to leave (after my panic attack because I could not find my glasses) we headed home but first things first we hit Waretown, to go to Sonic. The food was ehh,the girls on roller skates where young and the drinks refreshing. Once we where fat in the belly with fast food we hit the road back home. It was cool to have a mini vacation that was so much fun with so many good people. So there you have it. new job, good Friends, great band, mediocre fast food. That's how I do!