Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holy Crap has it been lame of late....

Really. Not to much to report from the front lines. I mean the most exciting thing that has happened recently is the fact that over at POP Merrigans they got Rock Band and I go their and we "rock out" ya know come to think about it, man I need some spice in my life. So yea. thats it for now.
I promise to have something of substance next time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a stupid thing I said today while at work.

to my boss kevin:
"Kev, I want in on thoses titties, how do I get an in on them titties?
I belive I have started to de-evolove.

man that wagon sucked.

So I got off it. yeah, sorry could not do it. I am in a bar almost every night for my work. between the fact that I realized I HATE drunk people. ( I do not mind them, when I am one of them.) then add the fact that some bartenders made it hard on me. Everyone wanted to get me a drink...yeah too much a pain it in ass. So I'm back off the wagon. lets get a drink!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Night the D.J. Saved my life.

about a month ago I was sitting in the Lamppost bar over on 2nd st, Talking with Steff (aka Street Justice and amazing D.J. in her own right) and we Started talking about how she keeps wednesday nights open for guest D.J.s. I started thinking and I said hey lets have an anti-valentines day party on the 13th of febuary. I'll come in with all the music I used to play when I used to d.j. at Double d's. Yes good people for those of you who are not in the know, I used to d.j at a strip bar in Morristown back in 2003-2003. I started my d.j. career way back in 2001 at Kapps bar in bayonne. it was fun good money and free beer whats not to love. From there I got the gig at double d's to host a Rock night. After that i worked at the sport sexy lounge whuch was a cross of a high class hooters with the subelty of a titty bar. after that I hung up my d.j. shirts and called it a day.
That is till that fateful day when Steff talked me into bringing it all back. So I made fliers and told everyone who would listen. even Blogged it here. I was a great night. all the fellas showed up, Mikey, Omar and john made it out. ryan and rollie, everyone came out and I had a great time. I was a Blast and I'm happy to say that everone had a great time and they invited me back to D.J. at the LampPost March 19th. so if you did not make it out for the antu valentines day party come out to "The Hang Over party" March 19th. it will be more fun than two irish girls passed out in your bed!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

for Valentines day.

To the one true God above:here is my prayer -
not the first you've heard, but the first I wrote.(not the first, but the others were a long time ago).
There are two people here, and I want you to kill them.
Her - she can go quietly, by disease or a blowto the base of her neck, where her necklaces close,where her garments come together,where I used to lay my face...That's where you oughta kill her,in that particular place.
Him - just fucking kill him, I don't care if it hurts.Yes I do, I want it to,fucking kill him but firstmake him cry like a woman,(no particular woman),
let him hold out, hold back (someone or other might come and fucking kill him).
Fucking kill him.Kill him already, kill him.Fucking kill him, fucking kill him,Kill him already, kill him,Just fucking kill him!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cold Day, Colder heart.

man it's cold today. I don't know if it the weather, the fact that I'm on the Wagon, the fact that I am at the end of my rope with almost every girl I talk to. There is the nut case, who brings everything back to herself. example..
me:man I'm a bit depressed today.
her:yeah that tattoo guy has not called me in a few days...
What the fuck? here I am looking for some sort kind words and I get yeah I have not been able to get a fuck buddy on the phone...another jem from that same conversation was "Geez, You should drinks some beers, you are better to handle when you are buzzed." Thats great.(BTW I realized man it's really tough for people who are in A.A. I really think most of my friends are enablers.)
Back on topic, then there is another girl I chat with on-line. she responded to an ad I put up. hse is really cool Pop culture savy, but she does not meet or talk on the phone with people from on-line. My question is...why bother? Really? The kicker with this girl is she lives in Jersey City! we know people in common. what the shit man? I was like how about we play an adult game of hide and go seek. you goto one of 7 bars I'll come find you meet you there and it's like the internets don't even exisist.
I just don't get it man. ya know I am really thinking about joining a buddist monastary. thats seems like a good time. learn some kung-fu. I don't know. Maybe it's just not my year. again
It's scary I really should have called this blog just Shits cause the giggle have been few and far between.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

your plaid heart

How do you keep your converse all stars so clean? How is it possible for one girl to look that cute just by sitting by yourself? With your soft red lips and your cats eye glass's, how can I get close to your plaid heart? I wanted to sit down near you, just so I could get a better look at how cute it was that you sit with your toes pointing to one another. I never enjoyed watching someone cover their mouth so that they can talk and eat. How can I get close to your plaid heart?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just Desserts.

You reap what you sow, whore.

what can't a guy just write that?

Stand-up and shake your rump.

Tonight, at 143 Chris Columbus Dr in the toy eaters studio, a collective of people will gather and listen to music, and people will tell jokes. It's called the Baby hole and it's a blast. The Baby hole happens every other tuesday with comedy, music and music featuring comedy. so thats tonight, 9:00pm come on out and laugh at people.

In other news Febuary 13th at 10pm I will be spinning some tasty tunes at the Lamp Post (328 2nd st DT/JC) This is something you should come out to. I plan on playing some of the best music to strip to also some old songs you will say.."holy shit I have not heard that song since 9th grade." So come out alone or with someone lets give Valentines day the fuckin finger with some awesome music! come on down and I will not play that song your mom used to sing to you to get you to sleep, unless that song is pour some sugar on me. And if it was Kid you have some problems

how drunk was I?

really I can't even read what I wrote on superbowl sunday. thats what a few wings and 7 or 8 24 oz bud's will make you type.

Monday, February 4, 2008

super bowl & frieid food

so the giants beat the pat! and fried food beat my clothes. chirst my clothes smel like a hooters..eww. off the wagon for today and it stinks. For real. my suit has to hit the cleaners. I have the hiccups. this stink damn. sorry Ken but i just smoked in my rnow oom to make it not smell like a hooters. caca. hate to type this but go giants. guess they all did not sign their soul to the devil. Cause the pats shit the bed. Now I can sleep, in a not so much fried food smeeling room.

BTW what the fuck with the spelling check not working. caca

Saturday, February 2, 2008

This sucks many bags of balls!

So yeah this Wagon I'm on, it fuckin sucks. Last night I had a great time chillin' at ryborgs place smokeing drinking water good times. Tonight not so much. was gonna hang with a friend who was way too hungover t hit the bar and we was gonna chill. But she backed out. Can't Blame her. sobriety sucks so far!Check Spelling

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Interwebs..I has them.

yes sorry for the lol cats speak I get it from either Courtney or Zack @ pop's either way, the Internet is back at 328. It's in full much so that I'm gonna end this blog and watch me some internet porn. On to the throat fuckin'! Hazza!

On the wagon.

Yup, thats right lets see if I can do this. for the month of febuary I will not imbibe any booze. there are 2 days which I am alowing myself to drink..superbowl Sunday, and wednesday the 13th, because I will be at the Lamp post and what fun is that when you get free booze and you can't drink it..really. so yeah One whole month. I have a lot against me. Bartneders for one, Ryan for another, wow I hang out with a shit load of enablers. I want to see how much money I will save. I will tell you all if I fall off the wagon, wish me luck.