Friday, February 15, 2008

The Night the D.J. Saved my life.

about a month ago I was sitting in the Lamppost bar over on 2nd st, Talking with Steff (aka Street Justice and amazing D.J. in her own right) and we Started talking about how she keeps wednesday nights open for guest D.J.s. I started thinking and I said hey lets have an anti-valentines day party on the 13th of febuary. I'll come in with all the music I used to play when I used to d.j. at Double d's. Yes good people for those of you who are not in the know, I used to d.j at a strip bar in Morristown back in 2003-2003. I started my d.j. career way back in 2001 at Kapps bar in bayonne. it was fun good money and free beer whats not to love. From there I got the gig at double d's to host a Rock night. After that i worked at the sport sexy lounge whuch was a cross of a high class hooters with the subelty of a titty bar. after that I hung up my d.j. shirts and called it a day.
That is till that fateful day when Steff talked me into bringing it all back. So I made fliers and told everyone who would listen. even Blogged it here. I was a great night. all the fellas showed up, Mikey, Omar and john made it out. ryan and rollie, everyone came out and I had a great time. I was a Blast and I'm happy to say that everone had a great time and they invited me back to D.J. at the LampPost March 19th. so if you did not make it out for the antu valentines day party come out to "The Hang Over party" March 19th. it will be more fun than two irish girls passed out in your bed!

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