Monday, May 19, 2008

I am not the Law yet but...

So some of you may not know but I am taking the L.E.E. on may 31st. Hey Rs3 what is the L.E.E.? well it's the Law Enforcement Examination, yeah that's right I am thinking of becoming an Officer of the Law. Here in the City that I love, It's a great career, 20 years of service then you get a good pension, insurance for myself and my family if I ever have one. But before I count my chickens, I have to A) pass the Test, and then if I do that and get the call I have to B) make it in the academy. To do that I have to be able to do at least35 sit ups and 26 push-ups in a minute, not to mention be able to run a 18 minute mile and a half. My ass is not ready for that I figure I have 6 months to get my ass in shape.
So I enlisted Sweetpea to be my coach. She is the one to motivate me to get out and run. she has already scolded me for not having running shoes already. I guess my first day of physical fitness started on Saturday.
She called me and told me to meet her at LampPost for a drink and that's when I asked her to be my coach. She said she would. So we left the Post, went down to her house so she could take a shower and what not the plan was to hit liberty state park to fly a kite (and no, I do not have herpes, you don't have to have herpes to fly a kite, but according to the commercials for Valtrax, I think it helps.) So we walked from her place to the Park she was armed with her skateboard and I was armed with a Kite. she was doing a little bit of skating and I ran along side her to keep up. then we walked some some point we got to the area in the park where they have the workout stations, so she said well might as well start to work out now, so we did the park work out. It was fun sit ups I did them, push ups I did them, and I was feeling proud of myself. we walk a little more then flew our kite and headed home. when I finally got back to my place I was fuckin sore. I took a really hot shower and the said fuck it ran a bath and relaxed in my jacuzzi tub (oh yeah that's right we have one here at the 3-2-8) I ten went to Lucky's to grab some food and some drinks, meet up with Ed, Zack, The Reverend Dan and Cindy. after a few drinks I went out to a party near the heights with LuLu, we had a really good time she got drunk and we headed home...the rest is sleep. so yeah I guess this starts my new regimen of work out. I sit and write this while waiting for coach Sweetpea to call me so we can go for a run...whoo hoo. well that's it for now don't forget to keep your toaster out of the bathroom.

Monday, May 12, 2008

where is my head?

Well I have been keeping busy, hanging out with friends, working,, playing Scrabulious on facebook, drinking and reading. I have been kinda working on something I have not worked on in some time. I have an Idea for a short story running around in my head. I think this is a winner. Not a flight of fancy but a real Harsh horror tale. I have the premise, I kinda have an ending, I have motive and I have one grizzly death to write. All I will give you right now is the title "Jersey Devil" I hope to have it done by summers end I am thinking of 200 pages. who knows if I will finish it, it could sit in the either like "horseman." Granted Horseman was to be a graphic novel that I never found an artist for, but that's still an excuse. well that's what I have been working on. wish me luck, and beware sewer plates they can kill ya!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

do you think about life after death?

I was posed this question today. Yea I do.I want to call it life after life, cause I think Death is an impasse to make other peoples life a tad bit harder. they feel loss, so that it completes a fucked upped shit circle of grief. I pray there is, cause as wonderful life is, it can be a cunt. You have to think life is wonderful. Sure it shits on you and it's the opposite of easy. We carry on. That's why I think there is something more. The Really good people I don't think they have to wait. The sinners, we know purgatory, cause we lived life to good..we need to want it. The Evil, those that lead the good to bad paths. The one's who make other's life hard, The one who intend the hurt...they go to the place where what they produced, hurt and pain I think they will never know, what it feels like to be loved. I guess that's the moral, Love people, Love Life, and you will know Love. So if you're a douche, change you ways...cause it will suck...You'll never learn, and you'll burn.
So that is my answer, that's what I believe. I'm full of love, I have a lot of it, so maybe I'll be O.K.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

growing up

Here is a funny question...when was the last time you wanted to do something silly?
Something that made no sense?
something that was innocent and fun?
when was the last time you wanted to stand outside and spin?
when was the last time you called your friends just so you could play hide and go seek or manhunt?
when was the last time Joy did not come out of a bottle, weed or a powder?
what happened?
do we still chase our youth?
we should.
Cause it was perfect.
we did not know life.
we knew fun.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lets finish this weekned BS up already.

when I last left you, I had staggered home and hung out with grace. she was a little too drunk to go home so she stayed over. woke up and I had some shit to do I was all psyched for Saturday night cause Brooks asked me to D.J. the LampPost that night, now my original plan was to hook up with a bunch of people and do a sort of JC bar crawl. I ditched that idea to D.J., drink for free and get payed to play music which I love to do it was a can't loose situation. I was also looking forward to getting a park Tavern Burger with Reever from Pop's, Reever is a beautiful 6' girl who sometimes hangs at pops. Nice Irish girl, red hair (aww yea) but she has a sparkling personality. We were to goto the Park Tavern cause she never had a PT burger (and if you have not yet had one I suggest you do at the earliest convience) so I sat around the house for a while, then Justin AKA new roommate was gonna stop over with a check to hold the apartment. he came over around 3:30 with his Girlfriend who is a lovely girl. she liked the apartment so it looks like this is gonna work out. I started to get ready for my Burger meeting when Reever text's me she is running late, she got pulled over doing 90 MPH on rt 440...silly fast driving girl. we meet up and it was a wonderful time at PT burger was great as per usual we get back to the DT/JC and she takes her leave. I have to get my shit ready to head over to LampPost but I stop into pops to meet up with Seany, an O. we have a few bud but zero hour was descending on me.
Get to LampPost when I realize that the CD mixer was not to be found...FUCK.
That means I have to run i tunes, and windows media. But what really upset me was I wanted to play c.d.'s a try out to see if I can play audio from YouTube also. so from my trusty lap to I managed to do all 4 things, and it was a great time. I was also excited to see Mandy and Mundo how cam all the way from Bloomfield to celebrate my B-day with me. Cindy and the good Reverend Dan came thru, Ron and brooks held the fort down, but it was a light night due to 58 was having the Amsterdance. ahh well Sweet pea and her friends stopped by as well as Mander, LuLu, and one of their compartiots. I can't for get about J-pac and his roommate who can bang his head with the best of them. All in all it was a great night. after it was all said and done Ron, Brooks and I stopped by the Amster-party (like an after party) at Emily Faiths house. At this point I was way too fucked up to continue to drink and Timmah said something about McDonald's...So I listened to the Fat lil Kid that still lives in my head and I went. we had to make a pit stop at Lena's (Beautiful bartender at Lucky 7's) place cause someone lost a phone or something like that I was pretty drunk at this point. I get home with my McDonald's sit in my room eat and pass out.
Sunday was pretty boring did my wash, was supposed to go out to see baby mama with LuLu but LuLu Being LuLu she flaked ehh whatever I sat up till 5am watching hell boy and the making of hellboy DVD and that is as the kids say is that. all in all a pretty rad birthday celebration and I would like to thank all the people who got me drinks, hung out and where general well wishers. and with that I leave you with this please always remember to put the cap back on the toothpaste.

Monday, May 5, 2008

May 2nd=Iron f'n Man

So I wake up on Friday morning a little worse for the wear but hey it's par of the course you drink Like I did on my birthday your going to wake up a bit off. I had a horrible leg cramp which woke me up so that aint cool. I was a bit disappointed cause I was supposed to see Kevin Smith (director of Clerks, Mallrats and jersey girl...that's right I went with Jersey girl.) But The Reverend Dan and I found out Thursday that Mr. Smith postponed his speaking engagement till February 2009...What the fuck dude? So I figured well if I'm not gonna do that and I don't have to work...I'll take my dad to go see Iron Man cause we both were really psyched to see that it look like a sure fire hit. I spent the day with Ryborg where I asked him if he would like to see the movie, he was in for it. So my dad, Ryborg and I set out to see Iron Man in edgewater and here is what I though about it.
Holy shit they fuckin nailed it. Jon Favreau is a master for this film. He rallied to get his man and he did, I can not imagine a better person to play Tony Stark aka Iron man then Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. is with out a doubt Tony Stark. It was like when I saw Micky Rourke as Marv in Sin city, perfect casting. He had the feel of the character, the look the perfectly manicured Goatee (I wish my goatee was that pimp.) the voice everything was Tony Stark. Terrence Howard was a great Jim Rhodes, I even liked Gwyneth Paltrows turn as Pepper Potts. I will say since I just watched the Big Labowski it was a little hard to see Jeff Bridges Play a heavy but that awesome beard and shaved head helped it out (granted was I the only one to think...Holy shit the dude's head is HUGE?) I Suit looked like it stepped off the page. Even the first cumbersome suit like Jack Kirby drew it onto film.
The Plot was more than just an Origin story it really was a good one. But this movie packed more Dorkgasim moments then any other comic film in a long while. They had S.H.I.E.L.D. not just the name but the shield Logo in a parking deck. The reference to the Mandarin (Iron Man major villain in the comic book a Japanese Power broker with world domination on his plate who wears Ten Rings of Power) was there with the Ten Rings terrorist faction. But the best Geek moment, for me was the Stan Lee Cameo. Stan Lee has had a small part in all marvel movies based on if he created them. X-men, yup he was a hog dog vendor, Boo. Fantastic Four, he was a mail man in the first and him self in the second, eeh. He was also in all the spider-man films as a guy who is on the street. But the Powers that be put Stan "the man" Lee in the place he should be. Tony Stark arrives at a fundraiser, as he walks up the red carpet and pats an guy on his back, a man flanked by two beautiful girls, he says Hef Looking good the man turns around and YES it's Stan Lee. perfect if that takes place in the Marvel Universe...the Comic book Marvel universe it would make sense that in the universe, Stan Lee would be the coolest man alive...Hugh Heffner. I really loved that bit.
IRON Man really knocked it out of the ball park go see it. Oh and fellow geeks stay till the very end! that all I will say.
after the movie I went to Pop's had some drinks,Hung out with amandama, Timmah, Raz, Sara, and Kevin. I even Found my new roommate Justin. went home and then Grace called so we had some drinks. well that was Friday. Stay tuned for Saturday where I will be heard saying...NO, I A, NOT GOING TO PLAY THAT!

Older, better, drunker.

So it was my birthday this past weekend (starting Wednesday.) and I had a great time! Wednesday was the start and it was a good one. Midnight came and with it May 1st My birthday I was at pops and that's when the drinks started to flow. Cisco set up some Powers we did some shots, Mitch and Sean S. got me some beers and a shot and at that point I had to get over to LampPost, to continue. Got to lamppost and Steff and brooks where so nice as always, then Silk got me one big honking shot the beets and shots kept coming, I had to get home.

woke up feeling fine which I was surprised about. Went to work got my shit for the night, Yes I worked on my birthday, I reasoned that given that I will be out at bars May as well work and reap the benefits. I also had to look forward to Bextacy coming by to take me pout for dinner. she came by we hung out most of the afternoon then it was dinner time over at the Embankment. Man that place is fancy, I have to suggest you go there and order the pork belly....soooo fuckin good. After a wonderful dinner I went home and got ready for my night.
Started at Abby's, Amy got me some beer Cindy and the Reverend Dan got me a drink, J-Pac rolled through, and we went to Lucky 7's (Drink tally so far...3 smithwicks, one shot of powers)
At 7's my I got a beer from J the Bartender, and his cousin tom backed me up. At this point this beautiful Tattooed creature approached me, had to be over 6' tall with heels, Jet Black hair, Blood red lipstick, this woman looked like Cat von D, no fucking Lie. one of those girls you have a hard time talking to cause you mind is racing about thing you will never get to do to her. once I was done running her I.D. she asked me if I wanted a shot, yea I want a shot! She got me a shot of the Knot, for those who don't know what the knot is it's a whiskey infused with honey tastes like cream soda, goes down super smooth but is 106 proof, shit will knock you on your dick!
then I ran into Mike A. who said since it was my birthday anything I wanted was on him. So I got another PBR and a double shot of powers. then it was time to hit Pops. (drink Tally now 3 smithwicks, 3 shots of powers, one shot of 106 proof Knot, and 4 PBRs)
Pops was fun Ryborg, Lady friend, Cisco all the folks where out and the drinks came some more I had 2 buds and 2 shots of powers. but Alas it was getting to be lamp post time. we settled up and we are on to LampPost (Drink Tally: 5 shots Powers, 2 buds, 3 smithwicks, 4 PBR's and 1 shot the knot)
Lamp post is when things start to go blurry, I know I had at least 2 more shots, and about 4 or 5 more PBR's. I know I was pretty slammed, I know Brooks asked me to D.J. for Saturday, I know I left there and hung out with Grace, I know I got called to go back cause I left Adams (co-worker) bag behind the bar. so yeah My birthday was pretty fun! (last drink tally: 8 or 9 PBR's, 7 shots of powers, 3 smithwicks, 2 buds, and 1 shot of the knot) Man I think I may have a problem...nah. well that's it for Thursday night I'll be back in a while with my rundown of Friday, plus my Review of IRON MAN. till then remember do not leave small children near pools.