Wednesday, May 7, 2008

growing up

Here is a funny question...when was the last time you wanted to do something silly?
Something that made no sense?
something that was innocent and fun?
when was the last time you wanted to stand outside and spin?
when was the last time you called your friends just so you could play hide and go seek or manhunt?
when was the last time Joy did not come out of a bottle, weed or a powder?
what happened?
do we still chase our youth?
we should.
Cause it was perfect.
we did not know life.
we knew fun.


Jay Amabile said...

true dat

J-Hunk said...

I'm always down for an innocent game of monopoly, or a game we played in WS/JC as a kid simply called guns. I guess we were true ghetto at heart.

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

I am ready for fucking Manhunt.

Where can we play in Jersey City that we don't get killed?