Monday, May 5, 2008

May 2nd=Iron f'n Man

So I wake up on Friday morning a little worse for the wear but hey it's par of the course you drink Like I did on my birthday your going to wake up a bit off. I had a horrible leg cramp which woke me up so that aint cool. I was a bit disappointed cause I was supposed to see Kevin Smith (director of Clerks, Mallrats and jersey girl...that's right I went with Jersey girl.) But The Reverend Dan and I found out Thursday that Mr. Smith postponed his speaking engagement till February 2009...What the fuck dude? So I figured well if I'm not gonna do that and I don't have to work...I'll take my dad to go see Iron Man cause we both were really psyched to see that it look like a sure fire hit. I spent the day with Ryborg where I asked him if he would like to see the movie, he was in for it. So my dad, Ryborg and I set out to see Iron Man in edgewater and here is what I though about it.
Holy shit they fuckin nailed it. Jon Favreau is a master for this film. He rallied to get his man and he did, I can not imagine a better person to play Tony Stark aka Iron man then Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. is with out a doubt Tony Stark. It was like when I saw Micky Rourke as Marv in Sin city, perfect casting. He had the feel of the character, the look the perfectly manicured Goatee (I wish my goatee was that pimp.) the voice everything was Tony Stark. Terrence Howard was a great Jim Rhodes, I even liked Gwyneth Paltrows turn as Pepper Potts. I will say since I just watched the Big Labowski it was a little hard to see Jeff Bridges Play a heavy but that awesome beard and shaved head helped it out (granted was I the only one to think...Holy shit the dude's head is HUGE?) I Suit looked like it stepped off the page. Even the first cumbersome suit like Jack Kirby drew it onto film.
The Plot was more than just an Origin story it really was a good one. But this movie packed more Dorkgasim moments then any other comic film in a long while. They had S.H.I.E.L.D. not just the name but the shield Logo in a parking deck. The reference to the Mandarin (Iron Man major villain in the comic book a Japanese Power broker with world domination on his plate who wears Ten Rings of Power) was there with the Ten Rings terrorist faction. But the best Geek moment, for me was the Stan Lee Cameo. Stan Lee has had a small part in all marvel movies based on if he created them. X-men, yup he was a hog dog vendor, Boo. Fantastic Four, he was a mail man in the first and him self in the second, eeh. He was also in all the spider-man films as a guy who is on the street. But the Powers that be put Stan "the man" Lee in the place he should be. Tony Stark arrives at a fundraiser, as he walks up the red carpet and pats an guy on his back, a man flanked by two beautiful girls, he says Hef Looking good the man turns around and YES it's Stan Lee. perfect if that takes place in the Marvel Universe...the Comic book Marvel universe it would make sense that in the universe, Stan Lee would be the coolest man alive...Hugh Heffner. I really loved that bit.
IRON Man really knocked it out of the ball park go see it. Oh and fellow geeks stay till the very end! that all I will say.
after the movie I went to Pop's had some drinks,Hung out with amandama, Timmah, Raz, Sara, and Kevin. I even Found my new roommate Justin. went home and then Grace called so we had some drinks. well that was Friday. Stay tuned for Saturday where I will be heard saying...NO, I A, NOT GOING TO PLAY THAT!

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