Friday, October 17, 2008

Got the time

Yes, So I'm back in full fuckin force, interwebs? Check. Pack of smokes? Check. Music playing loudly in the apartment? Check...lets fuckin blog!

So yes it's true the rumors, the back room gossip, the writings on the walls...I have a girlfriend. After much time fuckin around, I decided I met someone who makes me laugh, keeps me somewhat level headed, and can keep up when it's party time. we'll call her Lil' Bit for the sake of privacy. I've been seeing her for sometime now and when it all came made sence. we are so gay together, fat gay baby, gay. (BTW...take time to pop over here.

enough of that shit lets get down to brass tacks here folks alot has happened in my life got a new job, got let go due to ecomimic bullshit. shaved my head so I'm rockin the bald head..look at the pick over there---> yea kid, I like it. Went out recently with uncle Choo Choo and Boom-Boom to shoot some guns, and ya know what I'm a fucking good shot. My personal favorite gun to shoot was the .44 magnum. Nice kick back, it's like Herr Star calls it in Preacher (a great comic by Garth Ennis..go read it completely available in graphic novel form) it's a fucking DOOM COCK!

It's such a Man gun...I also liked the sniper rifle I killed the shit out of a bowling pin.

in other news like I mentioned played in the JC kick Ball championship. yeah in this pic it's like I'm Remo Williams and my feet ain't touching the ground. we had a blast, team photo is out there I'll find it and post it.

I've really been enjoying myself of late so that's good I hope you all are enjoying yourselves don't forget Halloween is almost upon us so look out for me in my costume. till next time jam out with your clam out!


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Yea ,I was impressed that RS3 never even came close to shooting himself or anyone else the day we went to the range. had a great time that day.

Uncle CHoo Choo