Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Black no. 1

Yea, it's my Favorite time of year, and I'm all about it this year I have a great costume Idea, you see (Rudy) when one has a bald head you either have to get a wig for what ever you intend to be or you think of a costume that allows for no hair. things like curly from the 3 stooges, or the monster from young Frankenstein...or Mola Ram from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom. That's right folks I'm gonna be after your heart..with my hands!

Aside from that I also Carved a Pumpkin, with the help from the girl (she is so artistic) The Image is from the first issue of Batman:The Long Halloween and its awesome. (comparison above) isn't it awesome and geeky all at the same time.

Anyway, things have been going good still in need of a job. (but then a gain so is a good portion of the country) well that's about it More in the next blog coming very shortly I promise, all good things to those who wait.

Have a good and spooky Halloween, I'll try not to fall down any stairs.

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Anonymous said...

bad ass pumpkin man