Monday, November 3, 2008

No time for love Dr. Jones

So Halloween has come and gone and I would have to say this was a banner season for yours truly. I went pumpkin picking, and with the girls help made a delightfully geeky pumpkin. (sadly he never saw a candle this year well get on that for next.) I also went to Great Adventure for fright fest with "O" and "sin-d" we had a great time rode some amazing coasters..have to say fuckin El Toro fast, so high, so scary. We also wen5t on the parachute ride, I remember going on that when i was but a small boy, with my Uncle Tony (R.I.P) and after we got off that he vowed to never go on another ride that day. After years of poo-pooing it we went on it cause Sin-d was like "fuck you all I went on your crazy rides we are doing this for me." so we went on it. For those who don't know what the Parachute ride is it pretty simple, a wicker basket like thing, that you sit on. They then lock you in with a simple seat belt then a flimsy aluminum cage. At this time the cable brings you up pretty high, (higher than the scream machines second high hill) it's at this point when anyone can UN lock the seat belt slide under and jump to their doom. When the Girl and I got to the top I was fuckin' scared like I may have some pee leak out from fear. then you kinda slowly drift down. FUCK THAT RIDE!

This year for Halloween I was faced with the question what do I dress as, I have a bald head, so sure I can go as Frankenstein's monster, or something like that...nope I had a thought while driving to my place on night..fuck it "m gonna dress as Mola Ram from 'Indiana Jones and the temple of doom and that's what I did. I went out bought a simple executioner robe, cut it so that i have only my right arm covered. I did cut too low but I would have to fix that I would need some dark red material which I was gonna buy but Being low on funds I looked into the old clothes closet at the rents place found an old maroon dress shirt, and hey I saw a great pair of pants my mom had so I took those too.

I cut the shirt sewed part to the pants then cut some other material and with the girls help fixed the low cut. Other wise my moob would hang out and no one wants that. so with the extra cloth it stated to look like a real ceremonial sari.

First things first I need make up and we know who to go for that. Brought the make up to Courts place, she did an amazing job on my head and making my eyes seem dark and evil. went to the girls she sewed the extra cloth to me and just as fast as you can say Kili Ma will rule the world I was Mola Ram. the wrist cuffs where electrical tape taped over one another the "teeth" where those "cavemen" necklace things, the other necklaces was from when I went to mardi gras and the heart is from some homeless man near my house.

so that's it instant Villain. I came in second at the Lucky 7s costume contest after Ro-beast, who took the first prize second year in a row. (brilliant Crown friend chicken Box...go look at his blog beauty and the ro-beast[Link in my "what I'm reading area] he may have posted a pic.) so yea a bottle of champagne that someone stole at the other party i went to. But all in all a great Halloween season. well see you soon but don't forget to VOTE tomorrow I don't care who you vote for just VOTE!

BTW: I still name every blog entry with a song title and did so for this blog there is a song called "no time for love Dr. Jones" by Joey Kingpin. So I still fallow my rules.

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The Reverend Dan said...

Seriously, Thanks for the invite. Cause I don't like roller coasters or anything of the sort.