Monday, July 7, 2008

misery inc.

Hey dickbag, you know who you are...I don't yet but when I find out, look the fuck out.

Aside from that it's been crazy over here. still have no internet at the house, which sucks. I have been parting my ass of had a really nice 4th hanging with my friends. Work kinda sucks right now, cut hours and everything...fuck. What can you do ehh? Anyway that's it for now, I have to get back to the dalily grind keep on keeping on.


Anonymous said...

Look the fuck out for what? Really, what? What are you gonna do, really? Come on now, cuz Anonymous left a few criticisms that bruised your ego you're gonna make empty threats, boo-hoo. (*sniffle*) =( What makes you think it's one person anyway? Cordially Yours, Dickbag #3.

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous #'s 1-3+,
wow. i had no idea leaving anonymous bullshit comments on someone's blog was in. i gave that kind of nonsense up when i hit puberty. but it's good to see someone bringing it back. and it's awesome that it's not just one person spending their days just waiting for ralph to post another blog so they can enter their childish comments and cream their panties about just how clever they think they are.
god, i have a lady boner just imagining all this shared anticipation.
you guys(girls?) are super cool. i dream of the day when i'm able to insult people without having the balls to actually say it to their face. or even sign my name to the garbage that's come out of my mouth. ahh, maybe one day i'll be on that level.
until then, you rule,

Jay Amabile said...

even if the comment is a nice're spineless if you post anonymously. Grow some balls. And a fake moniker like battlestarfan69 won't cut it. excuse me, i must fake cough while saying "...he's got no life."

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Anonymity is totally in! It's the early 21st century equivalent to afros, bellbottoms and key parties! Get with the program, it's cool to be nameless. You're right though I am immature, ya got me, I do hope to be as sophisticated as you one day, IPoopCandy. I Poop Candy, the name rings of sophistication and maturity. Now just be cool everyone, relax, and take a deep breath...O.K. now let’s evaluate who is taking things too seriously here. I have to say I personally admire the tenacity with which you defend Ralph. Sheesh, does a little jab get you people hot under the collar or what! Does any of this mean I “hate” Ralph? No, I met him quite a few times and he seems like a nice enough guy, but man you are a bit sensitive. (boo-hoo) “Someone doesn't think my nearly incoherent blogs about comic books and getting shit faced (again) is as interesting as I know they are and as interesting as the people who I give free cigarettes to tells me." (SOB) "Why can't everyone love my grammatical abortions that I call blog entries?" (*sniffle*) "What do you mean my made up, nonsensical, vulgar phrases like 'Holy Gorilla Fuck...' aren't funny and they are just asinine, sophomoric and confusing?" Sorry that my comments offended so many people. I just think it is hilarious how pissed you people get. God, you all are sooooo sensitive. Ralph, thanks for all the cigarettes man.
See you DTJC. All due respect, Dickbag #3.