Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unexpected parties, Truthers, and way too much booze.

alright I have heard you, I know I was being a lazy fuck, but I had some hardcore Bloggers-Block. I guess the emotion that I spilled out in the past kinda drained me a bit. Hey I'm only human, and I got bit by the party animal. I have been having a blast this past week I guess I should start it all going back to this past Saturday. Last Saturday I was supposed to hang out with a former work friend in the DT/JC. I recently found out that she has ties to Jersey, basically she has a few friends here in town that I also know. The plan was gonna be we all meet up and have a crazy night. The plan fell through, ehh it happens. My pal Max calls me (one of the shared friends) and invited me to come and hang out at the Lamp Post. Some band was goning to play so the plan was to hit the L.P. watch the band and see where the night takes us. I get there order a beer and Max turns and says I really do not want to be here again, another night, at the Lamp Post. O.K. whats the plan? He was invited to a going away party at some girls house, so we decide to cut out of the bar and head over to this party.
We get there and the only person I know is Max. Oh well, lots of hot girls not bad. As the night progressed the people that where at the party, started to leave. The Apartment is huge by the way so when people leave it shows. So as the unknown people start to leave all the Jersey City usual start popping in. The they started to make calls. By 3:30am the party was dominated by the J.C. local party people. At some point Miss Emily Faith thinks it's time to move the party to her house, so, we do. 3:45 in the morning a group of intoxicated young people are walking up Newark Ave. we looked like some sort of wolf pack. (a wolf pack is a roving group of young tuffs that mug people, be we did not have violence in our eyes just drunkenness.)
We get to Emily's house and it was really nice, a bit more intimate. Good people having a good time. I was talking to my pal Doug, who informed me that I'm "a decent guy" always nice that people think your a nice guy and not some asshole date rapist or Common duche bag.
around 6 A.M. I stumble home. I get in the house, and knew I had to drop a Deuce. Sit on the bowl. Pass out. I finally finished my business and had the where with all to go to bed. I did not want the roommate to walk in me doing my drunk imitations of Elvis' last moment.
Sunday I spent sleeping, then going to my Parents house I promised my Mom I would go see "21" with her at the movies. The movie was ehhh.
I was looking forward to Tuesday night. I planned on starting my work shift early so I could end early, and make my way to Hoboken. I hung out with Sweet Pea a bit while I did the bar hop bit, left her off at Lucky 7's and was really excited to almost be done, all I knew was this was gonna be a fun time. Ryborg and Ro-beast are in a great Band Called ,They Share a practice space with Billy Alphas band the Plan for last night was P.M.F. practices, finish up then Billy and I descend on the space and party like rock stars sans the hot chicks. Billy called it a "truthers" how true a "rock star" are you can you Drink, Smoke, and still play awesome improvisational music. I was going for the ride what the hell. I play excellent Cow bell but I don't think this music was gonna need cow bell. After they played a few songs They look at me and was like...well aren't you gonna sing? I have not sang with heart in a long while Rock band and drunken bar sing-a-longs do not count. So not only did I sing, my ass off, I wrote or rather Improvised all the lyrics to the fuckin' awesome music Borg, Beast and Alpha wrote. all on the spot. they gave me the name of the tune or I would come up with it on my own and we riffed. It's like blogging, but with a great beat. Last night we wrote "hobgoblin" "twentyfivecentfriend" "slice of life" and "bus stop" well bus stop never really got off the ground. we slept at the space (oh BTW the space is Bullshit.) woke up at 9am Ro-beast drove us all home and that was it. slept for a bit, went to the office, went to the lamp post to entertain Sweet Pea and now I sit here reflecting on these past few day thinking ahhh good times. Oh yeah and I got drunk, a lot. almost every night. Like I said I got bit by the party animal, and that is why I have not been blogging. Well that's it for now, but don't forget if you have a grease fire use backing soda, and not water.

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