Monday, April 21, 2008

But what did you Buy?

so what did I buy at the NYCC, lets see

2 t-shirts, one a black t with a blood stain that is a skull and it says "BRUTAL" do to the fact that I love Metalocalypse, and Nathan Explosion...Brutal fit.

another t is a white t with a screen printed Godzilla over a Japanese flag.

An Indiana Jones Limited edition Crate that had packed in it the three little Sankara Stones from the temple of doom and the cup of Christ from the last crusade. it was a blind package (you could have also found a tablet and the golden Idol from Raiders of the lost arc, or the Crystal skull)

I also purchased the Killing Joke hard cover 20th anniversary edition recolored by Brian Bolland.

Preacher graphic Novels 1-4, some pins, an autographed Arthur Suydam poster of zombie Marilyn Monroe done in a Warhol homage. (it's just the art not any of the words) And that was pretty much it.


VagabondCherry said...

the marilyn poster!


Jay Amabile said...

All these anniversary editions...I prefer the original killing joke tpb...the one I bought when i was 8...that i still have in mint condition! lol what now? lol