Tuesday, September 16, 2008

going nowhere slow

Hello kiddies, I'm back not with anything of substance or what not but just to lay some of my mind droppings.
Now I know I'm a grown ass man but is anyone watching this nutty lil' cartoon off cartoon network, called Chowder? Man this is a wacky little cartoon. It's about a little purple cat/bunny thing, who is an apprentice chief under some weird big nosed blue thing called Mingus...it's funny as all hell the voice work is what gets me. It's a funny little show give it a view.

Death Magnetic. The new Metallica CD, is so fuckin brutal! It's really fuckin hardcore Metallica again. I wanted to like st. anger but it sucked hard core. This album is back to basics Metallica, old fashion fast, hard, in your face, BRUTAL. This will get the fans of Metallica who left the band during the 'black album' and after come back. My personal favorite tracks on the album are "My Apocalypse" and "All Nightmare long " If this CD had a vagina I would be afraid to fuck it.

Just Got back from a mini Vacation, went to Atlantic City with LuLu, it was a good time. We had a blast, we Gambled, we swam...did you know that Asian kids are like gremlins they multiply in water...no fuckin lie. We got to the pool there were maybe 5 little Asian kids. When we left there was at least 13 or 15 of them. We did not see them walk in..no, they appeared.
we say a little kid get run over by an old woman on a little rascal. Did you know that Saturday night is slutty, let me let my titties out night in AC. Other things we saw, a girl get "low low low" on the boardwalk she made the booty clap. she was a hot mess it was really funny. They sell PBR in 24 oz. cans, We had a delicious meal, and the Harrahs breakfast buffet...holy shit, SO GOOD, so filling. we had a good fuckin' time LuLu won some cash, I maintained what little dignity I have, NICE.

well thats it for now I'm off time to eat. Talk to you all soon.


LuLu said...

I felt so bad for the little kid.

I still maintain that if you can't walk you shouldn't be gambling.

Jay Amabile said...

right on. harrah's has the BEST buffets in all of AC and Vegas!

Kirk said...

I have seen Chowder. It is weird. There is a lot of F'd up stuff on there when you really think about it. But, somehow I'm not really drawn into the show enough to want to tune in regularly. The art is kind of cool, almost inspired by some 1960s-style acid trip or something.

I just wish Hetfield wrote better lyrics. The music's OK, but I find myself rolling my eyes at some of Metallica's dumb rhymes. From the part of one song that I heard on the radio, the songs are a little more hectic and less predictable than the last couple albums, so I can see how this album might be a refreshing change. I wonder if their involvement with Metalocalypse inspired them to move back toward a more brutal sound. Like, "Hey, this comedy writer Brendon Small is writing songs that are more hardcore than ours, and we're Metallica! WTF!" Anyway, maybe this means they've finally emerged from their rich crybaby phase.

Sounds like you had some awesome adventures in AC. And you said you had nothing to blog about!
Aww shucks, you're just bein' modest.