Thursday, September 11, 2008


So it's been a while, I still don't have the interwebs at my place, and I have not dragged my laptop to my rents house i feel i have been a neglectful blogger, so with this as the day goes on at work I'm gonna drop some things that i have been up to, pop culture tid bits and whats on my mind...
first off look everyone who knows me, knows I'm not at all political, but yes when the time comes I will vote for Barack Obama, why because i can not deal with 4 more years in a republican run country. it seems some people are really caught up on the race card. I don't think it matters to me, but to some they see it as a horrible thing..OMG a black man in office, law'd lawd we'sa gonna be in deep if dat happens. nigga please! I think he will do good things, but we have to face facts anyone has a mighty steep hill to climb, but I would like to see Mr. Obama as our next leader.

why is it that little kids seem to be drawn to my nuts like it has a tractor beam...yesterday another small child almost ran directly into my nizzos. I have had the unfortunate experience of small children running big head first right into my balls on three different occasions. This is both awkward, embarrassing and scary. last thing i need is Chis Hanson walking around some corner an taking me as some kid's the other way around folks. kids want my nuts.

Want a good read pick up "the walking dead" graphic novels by Robert Kirkmen it's like crack.

In the I'm wicked excited file...I got tickets to see Metallica in February..motherfuckin' floor seats..awesome Me and Flip are gonna mosh it up!

o.k. time to run talk to y'all later

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