Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Day of the Month, My lost weekend.

(The giant rib)
Lets start this off with fuck me. Yeah I had quite the weekend, holy crap. Friday i get paid and looking at it and realizing i had to pay rent this week I realized, I'm broke. What the Fuck. So I figure I'll work, So that's what I do. I meet up with Omar, Mikey and Elise over at Lucky 7's had a drink and then I walked on my way leaving Mikey and Omar with Elise. As the night progressed I ran into my friends and neighbors. Workin on a Friday ain't all that bad, Granted it still stinks that you can not really do what ever you want but such is life. after the night went on I ended up hanging with RyBorg and his new "lady Friend" we went to his place but I was kinda tired and a bit drunk.
Saturday was Laundry day over at the rents house. R & M went to AC so it was gonna be a nice peaceful day with no distractions. Then I found My newest obsessions...People I talk about WOW it's filled with T.V.'s shows and Movies. I watched 6 episodes of "The Tick" and not the Cartoon the short lived and brilliant live action version. After I came down from my T.V. High I had to pick up Courtney cause it was soon time for Rollie's Surprise Birthday! Ahhh good times we all loaded into Skinners Loft, the look on Rollie's face was priceless. After some drinks and food we walked up to Pop's to continue the festivities. All was good till "panda Vest" showed up. From what I gather "Panda Vest" is the brother to one of the guys who has stake in Pop Merrigans. The only thing is he is 20 and does not have a bar card so Ryborg got a bit more then pissed. Ryborg is very protective of pop's I guess we all are. So Panda vest and his boys take it outside and Ryan is yelling on the phone about how this kid could get the place in a lot of trouble. It's very tense so I walk into the bar and grab a few of the Super Regulars and we go out to get Ryborgs back if any "shit" would go down. It seems cooler heads have prevailed things broke up and it was the go home time.
Sunday and I have one hell of a hangover from the frivolity of the night before. Sweet pea is texting me. Something about Lamp Post and her working. Ehh I ain't got nothing better to do. And honestly a day at the bar with a Hot chick is not the worst day. Go over there she asks if I want a bloody Mary. NO, Not for me but I do come up with a good hang over cure and rapid accelerator to drunkenness. A Bloody RS3. You take a pint of PBR, add a shot of whiskey, and some Tabasco, and you have a Bloody RS3. Drank a few of those looked at some Tattoo mags, ate a delicious Samwich and decided it was time for a tattoo. Walk over to the Jersey City Tattoo Co. and Jessy and Billy was working but really just watching Deuce Bigelo: European Gigolo. I went and got us a tall boy we drank, and laughed and then I went home. Then I get a text from Cherry Coke. You See we have been having a Blog war and it was getting ugly. We Talked it was good. we made a truce and then I was ready to hang out with LuLu and watch dinner for five. I was all about it. LuLu being LuLu Flaked. Now what?
Oh I know I'll go to the Lamp Post for some more beer (I need this like a hole in my liver. But that's what I do. Brooks id pouring Drinks, Chuck was Manning the 1's and 2's and I sat there with Di working on her Stand-up Routine. it was getting late and we all had the hunger. Di and I went to the chicken spot for a bucklet of chicken and a rib.
Yes a Bucklet surprise to anyone but the good folks at the Chicken spot...not the greatest spellers (like I can talk) Brooks brought up the Rib is huge so we had to see if for our selves.
Good People this fuckin' Rib was huge. I said to Di, "I can use this as a weapon. we went back to the bar ate out Bucklet O' Chicken and it was then closing time. Sweet Pea and her pal Freddy showed up looking for an after party. Me I was going home. and that's what I did. Went home and slept.
Today I worked a bit, tonight I'll work. and that's it for me, Do not forget to Dispose of all needle properly.
BTW the Rib Pic will soon follow good readers.

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Kirk said...

I too have eaten from The Bucklet. The Bucklet is aweslome. I got a rib at that place once, but I don't remember it being all that big. Maybe mine just wasn't as big as yours. That's right, I said it.