Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome to March Motherfuckers!

So This is march. The St. Patrick month. The month where all the kids in abercrombie and Fitch get their Irish up. whoop di fuckin' doo. Oh I don't have anything against the Irish people, they are a great people who are very nice hard workers and what not, but what makes my ass itch is the fact that bullshit everyone is Irish. No your not. plus what also make me pissed is it's like every weekend in march it's fuckin amature hour at the Tavern. All month I have to watch where I walk so not to step in the sick some fuckin frat tard or some silly bitch let go right outside the bar. Anyway, now that I got that off my chest. HI.
I am really happy because I recently got myself a big boy bed. Yeah gone are the days of ye olde prison cot I was sleeping on for the past 2 months. It's very comfortable, nice full size I am a happy camper. I was embarrassing having people come over and look in my room and was this thin lil bed. Christ I might as well had a fuckin race car bed. So I got that going for me. March also brings the fact that I will yet again D.J. over at the Lamp Post. this Wednesday the 5th I will be playing the jams making all the kids nod their heads and shake their rumps. Come on out if your around good time!
well I feel good that I am still keeping up with this thing really makes me happy to be writing some thing anything again. well I guess I should get going. I hope you are all well. Talk to you kids later. oh, and remember to wear a condom.

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J-Hunk said...

To be quite honest, you wouldn't even know a "frat" kid if you saw one. Half of those losers that are at the bars are just drunk college kids, they couldn't hold my jock as a "frat" kid!