Friday, March 21, 2008

St. Pat's Shenanagins

So you read all about my Car. I was Mighty pissed. I went home and said "fuck St. Patrick's Day it suck" I planned on staying in and watching some movies and being all by my lonesome. That plan was thwarted by good ol' Ryborg. He calls and was like get over to Pop's the Bag pipes and drummers are here have a drink. So I did. well yes the Pipes and drums where in the house, then we had a one block parade. We started at 4th, Conner stopped the traffic the pipers piped the drummers drummed and the drunkards walked in the middle of Newark ave. for about 600 feet it was a sight. then we go inside the bar that one beer turned into Many. then there were the Shots, Jamison and Powers. Then the car bomb. then I called all the ladies I enjoy hanging with Elise, Amanda, Emily, Sara, and the all heeded my call. it was a good time. Yes in true Ralph Fashion I even got up on the bar and started a Chant..."when I say Pop's you say merrigans" yes It was a Night for the books. Till I got into it with Shamus. the whole argument was over the fact that he said I belong over at "that coke bar Lucky 7's" well that set me off. I was like fuck you this is my house fuck you! well it is at this point that Elise drags me out of the bar and was like come on lets go.
so we went to Lamp Post where I proceeded to order a beer and fall asleep in my chair. I hear Jacky has some pic's. after that I went home...rather back to pop's where I feel asleep next to Cisco, then when he left I fell over and slept on the bench. come closing time lucky for me, Zack found me sleeping in the back. He then sent me home. So yeah that was more or less my St. Patrick day.

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