Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I do not like this dream.

Easter Sunday Night, I stayed in. watched transformers: the Movie (the animated movie) then played some wacky fucked up game online it was crazy...and then I went to bed. I had the most fucked up dream I have had in a long time. here is how I remember it.
I in some sort of school or complex and there is a killer loose and I think I was trying to stop him. As I walk from room to room it is just dead people all over the place. some with no skin. just bad. I walk into one room and there is a girl that kinda looks like Cindy's friend Grace, but she is kinda crawling she has stump arms and Legs. The I walk into a large Gym type of place and there is Pat, Tom, Mike and Sean all tied up, and on the stage is the band Anthrax positioned like the last supper...all dead with no skin.
at this point I wake up and was like Holy shit I don't want to back to that dream.
as soon as I fall asleep I'm in a closet with a lunchbox, I open the door and there is members of Kiss with half their faces ripped off and the try to vomit some yellow goo on me, and I wake up again. Finally I roll Over open a porn page, watch a dirty girl do good things. I figured this is a good way to force out bad dreams. Funny thing is it did. Porn is our friend. well that's it for that.
don't forget, to look both ways when you cross the street.

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