Monday, March 17, 2008

"That was like seeing a unicorn."

Hello Good people, I was gonna blog about my weekend adventures yesterday, but I was Fuckin' Hungover as all hell. It was bad, have the full body inside vibrations and everything going on. So Friday I hung out with the Beck. we had a nice night drank wine, watched t.v. laughed at you-tube videos. woke up Saturday, Beck made me a delicious breakfast I watched some spider-man cartoon, and then hit the road. I took a bit of a nap and figured it was an early start so why not hit my parents house so that I can do Laundry, and move on with my day. while at the rents, Miss Emily Faith posted a bulletin on the Myspace to see if anyone at all would be interested in going to see 'funny Games.' Having seen the trailer for it I had said I would like to see it I contacted Miss Faith and we were set to head into the city to see this flick. I met her at Newport mall (a place I hate more than almost anything else) she was getting new glasses for her to see with. but being that she got glasses at the mall and everyone that works their is a fuck-tard it took longer then they first told her. anyway we had to end up going to a later show then we were going to see and at a different location, the Angelica film center.

Anyway after some time we got onto the path and made our way to the city. it was really in the City that I realized how funny and cool Miss Faith is. we walked and spit bitterness at every Man woman and Korean child who ran past us. We talked about the DT/JC and the people who inhabit it. Being the "nice people" we are we did not give up names but I think we knew who each other was talking about. while we got closed to the angelica the more annoying the people got and with that the more venomous our barbs got. we discussed how good comedy comes from ones self hate. The only thing that kind of gave us pause was Chris Robinson from the Black Crows past us. It shut us up for a sec. The Movie was real good a fucked up little film if you can, give it a look. On the Path ride home we had some good laughs making fun of the lil g's, Mini thugs, and No good nicks. But it was on the train that we both had a did we just see what we just saw moment. There are tons of Homosexuals in this area, Black, Hispanic, Jewish, White, all kinds. But I think we saw a gay Indian couple (granted they man have been Pakistani, or something else they were some sort of Pan Asian person) it was upon seeing this when Emily looked at me and said "that was like seeing a unicorn, no one is gonna believe it" That was more or less that. she went home to shower I went to Danny's house, drank way too much Black tequila and Johnny Walker green, which is why I had to wait for today to blog. well that's it for now don't forget to polish your shoes before a job interview.


flagfliesblue said...

it was just like seeing a unicorn!

Courtney said...

i lub you so mush..........

and i's drunk. happy st. patty's day!!! *hugs*