Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sleep is for the dead.

Holy fuck, what the hell have I been up to? lets see well start with Saturday. After I posted a message on myspace to see what kind of Non-alcholic fun was out there I realized, there is none. That sucks. I called Miss Amanda (aka Amanda 1) and she was going into the city, MMmm it was different, and it's been a while since I had a good time in the city. So I put on my boots took out a nice shirt and we headed in. We met up with Razz's friends at the White Horse Tavern, it was ehhh. It was after my second $5. bud when J-Pac walked it telling tales of a bar around the Block called the Tree house tavern, and they had PBR for a mare $3. you know that's what I'm talking about. we get there and it looked like my kinda joint. people playing Wii, Good music emanating from the juke box, nice bartenders, Christ I got a bay back...in the City. Good times, at some point in the night, I hit the elusive Super beast point.
For those of you who are not in the know, I have a few Phases of drunkenness. there is buzzed, fun RS3, Drunk, singing, dancing, hop on the bar RS3, Bitter angry Rs3 and Superbeast. Super beast is when no matter what sort of booze I throw down my gullet it really does not hit me. So we get back to JC around 4-4:30am but I'm still ready to hit this town. The whole night I have been in contact with Ryborg and Sweet pea, so I found out from Sweet pea that there was an after hours, over at Chucks. (you know Chuck co-owner of jersey city Tattoo Co. www.myspace.com/jerseycitytattooco ) So I head over there with J-pac who is a little worst for wear. I get to the joint and it looks like everyone is still going strong, it was a nice crowd. The Pac and I stayed till I made him call a cab I chilled for a bit longer then headed home around 5:30-6 in the morning. Mind you, this is Easter Sunday. Bad Boy.
wake up Sunday head to my cousins place eat like a king, go Home and chill, all night just relax.
then came Monday! Monday I have off cause they are in the middle of switching our companies, anyway not work. Sweet pea texts me too early, had it been anyone else I would have punched them in their text finger, But she so Damn cute I let it go. she asked if I was up to anything and well I was not, So we met up she had to run an errand so I gave her a lift, we then got back to the DT/JC and she was like lets Visit Dancin T. get some "butter" and make some cookies from scratch. The girl can whip up a batch of cookies kids, she is good. Granted I helped. yea I help with the baking I'm secure in my manhood to bake. after that we walked back from her place she had to work I had to hit the rents. Hung out with Court, then hit the Lamppost, had some beers, walked sweet pea home hung out watching Bad t.v. and then I walked home, around 4:30. So the plan for tonight is to stay slightly sober, and get home at a decent hour. That's the Plan. we shall see how well it works out. well that's it kids and don't forget to make sure you found all the Easter eggs you hid or else come a hot July Day. NO GOOD.

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