Saturday, March 29, 2008


Sometimes you are on top of the world. Sometimes the filler (read my past blog, it's not life it's filler) hands you a hot lump of shit. That is when you feel S.A.P. now granted I have used this "phrase" since I was in high school. It related to people who just did not get "it" they where S.A.P.
Tonight was the first time I ever put into acronym form. Funny it equates S.A.P. and we all know what a SAP is. look if you don't know, I'm sure you can find a Goofis and Galent comic on another blog. Yea, the worst part is, I think Karma may be kicking me lightly in the nuts. I am S.A.P
S.A.P is not a sap. who is gonna figure out what S.A.P stands for?
Remember do not point a nail gun at another person.


Ro-Beast Rollie said...

Shitty as piss?
Stupid and pathetic?
Sucking a pacifier?
Salt and pepper?
Striking a pose?
Starting-up a posse?

RS3 said...

You did not get it, But you are close. On a diffrent note Starting-up a Posse is such a good song.

Anonymous said...

i think ro-beast is right...
stupid AND pathetic!
really yeti??
you'd think i'd
want to talk to your
drunk ass at 3am??
i was going to let it go...
but apparently you can't...
so fine.
its on.
i can be a bigger
cunt face than you
can be a pathetic loser.