Friday, March 14, 2008

who says I have too much time on my hands?

well I do, that's fuckin who. So not only do I love to post here for you good people, but now I am also contributing to another blog. It's run by my friend and Cousin Matty G. Matt used to have another blog where he was getting 1000 hit's a week or something like that. I was honored when he asked me to write for his blog over there. It's pretty much a place for you to get some info and editorial opinions with a jersey flair. Matty does most of the posts, with his brother and my Pally from way back Pat G. and Good old Danny Stavina. It's an awesome place and I look forward to add my 2 cents. I figure I will post trailers and geeky content like that. So go over and give it a look. But don't feel like I'm leaving, this is the place to get the juicy stuff all about me, fuckin voyeurs.
well that's it for now, remember this never use WD-40 as personal lubricant.

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