Friday, March 14, 2008

oh and on a personal note.

I feel like I have not been honest with you my friends I have been keeping some info from you. It seem that this Month is "Get in touch with your ex boyfriend Month." It all started innocently enough when I got a text from "KB" last Saturday. KB and I used to date way back around 2001-2002, something like that. We had a bit of a falling out a few months ago cause I can be an insensitive fuck bag. Anyway she calls and we chat she stops by the new place so I can show her the digs. we talked, laughed, and well I leave it at that. KB was always one of the Sweetest girls I ever had the fortune to date.
Now for the other ex. So I' driving around after work this week when my phone rings, I don't know who's number it was but it could be work or something so I answered the ring. Who is on the other Line but a total Blast from my past, "The One." "The One" as we shall call her, was one of my greatest loves ever. she was awesome ands beautiful and smart. But I was a young man when I dated "the One" and I dumped her cause I am retarded. So while I was out having fun being a jerk she went on to become Dr. "The One". That's right kids, If I played my cards right I should have asked her to marry me and maybe could have been with a Dr. But Alas I did not I blew it. anyway that neither here nor there. The good news is "the One is back in town teaching at a local college. The bad news is, well, she is Married. CRUSHING FEELINGS. So we talk and had dinner on Wednesday and it was very nice, she is still an amazing girl and I wish her Love, Luck, Health, and a good marriage.
So yeah 2 blasts from the past maybe friends again. well that's it for me, do not eat Gum you find on poles.

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