Friday, March 6, 2009

Who Watches The Watchmen?

This Guy thats who and I'm telling you so should you! Look I've read some of the reviews and shit some are good some are Bad, but thats neither here nor there this is what I have to say.

Now I really fucking enjoyed this movie, being one who belived Zack Snider could do it after see what he did for 300, and ya know what he hit it out of the Park.

Last night I drove all the way to the "super mall" in west Nyak New york for the IMAX midnight showing, we got there late and got the shitty first row in IMAX seats, the question was why do they even have seats here, but as soon as the Movie started the butt pain and neck ache went away. The story opens like the book with the death of the Comedian, and it was a brutal fight. The the title's come up with Bob Dylan's the times are a changing, and wow, they gave you all you needed to know about this alternate universe where Nixon has run and won 5 terms. you see how masked adventurers got there start and how the world changed because of it.

Now I'm gonna be as spoiler free as I can from here on. The Acting was great, Jackie Earle Haley Did with Rorschach what no other actor could have done made him human and scarred. I'll go as far as saying he did better than Heather ledger did as the Joker...that's right I said it, Better. all the actors did an amazing job. The only problem I had with any thing really is way to much Blue cock and balls on screen with Dr. Manhattan, and an awkward song choice for a love scene. Other than that I loved the Actors in the roles given them, no one was ham handed or over acting, it was genius.

Sure the nit pickers will as why did they change this why did they change that, but every change they made worked in context and made total sense, even the ending. Yes Fanboys I liked the ending, it worked for me! Some of the scenes that were ripped from the book gave me chills, The camera pan from the street to the window in the beginning, The close up of the statue in the cemetery, the rum runner water neon sign puddle splash, chills I tell ya! The special effects where amazing, Look I went with Big Dave who read the book two times, Lulu who did not know what to expect and myself fucking super fan over here, and we all loved it. end of story. This is only one man's opinion but I say get up and see it. Enjoy the fuck out of it cause it's that good. Two hours and thirty six minutes come and go even when your craning your neck and have a sore butt from sitting in a seat wrong. well that's what I have to say, go see it for yourself.

One last thing...personally, if you don't like it fuck off!


J-Pac said...

Would you like some green eggs and ham with your blue cock and balls???

Jay Amabile said...

I loved Watchmen and I think they did an amazing job with it.