Wednesday, January 30, 2008

25 cent friends & What are you thinking?

so last night I was out and about cause, shit I get paid to to that. Thats How I roll, Kid. Anyway, I ran into one of my 25 cent friends, what are 25 cent friends? The people who are always happy to see me when I'm doin the camel thing, the people who are all buddy buddy with me till they get their smokes, then they say and I love this one "well I see that your working I won't bother you any more" well duh of course not, you got what you wanted. It's like the guy who shows a girl the door after he got his nut off. I was told something last night that made me laugh, and realize man some people are sad. I went into one of the bars and the Manager said "good thing you made it, that guy was getting pissed that you had not yet made it over here yet." A grown man was waiting for me, even after I saw him on the street and said "I may not work tonight"

I digress, so 25 cent friend (yes back to that) was all "we never hang out we totally should...we should gotot the movies!" I was like o.k. call me whenever...she then says yeah maybe we can go see 'Meet the spartains'. I wish at this moment that I could freeze time and go back. Go back and tell her shhhhh, don't say another word, your a pretty girl, who sometimes grates my soul...but don't say let's see 'meet the spartains' to me. you may as well say please jump my ignorant bones. Look I'm not all film snob or what not. But one night I was in Pop Merrigans and a hispanic and his black pal saw the commercial came on and the Hispanic fella was like "Yo! that movie looks mad good" I wanted to hop off my bar stool shoot them in the face and leave a copy of 'airplane' on their dead body's. NO I DO NOT WANT TO SEE MEET THE SPARTA INS! It looks like if a steamy pile of elephant shit. My answer was "there are 9 movies I want to see right now and 'meet the Spartans is not even in the top 750. Fuck that movie...and the fact that it made box office gold..ugh. I'm gonna go now maybe Grandma's boy is on that movies fuckin funny. No really it is.


J-Hunk said...

And by "Girlfriend" do you mean that piece of rabbit fur you rub on your dick every night?

teh Beauty said...

Grandma's Boy is fucking hilarious. You are right on about that one.