Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lets commence

2008-it really is a new start for me. I have a new place in downtown, I'm single, and I found a new pair of pants to wear till they get all messed up from me walking around in them for like a week at a time. Oh yeah and I have this here new blog...oh may I'm now a fancy lad with this here blog. You may say hey RS3 why did you call it shits and giggles? the answer is simple life is filled with either Shit or Giggles. Sometimes you have a fun night and yet really did not do anything..but it was fun...you experienced shits and giggles. Some days life throws a diper at you and you step in a puddle, or the condom breaks..thats just shits! some days you wake up and and there are birds chirping and you find $20 in an old hoodie..thats all giggles...so I hope that answers your question. So my personal goal for this Blog is to talk about whats going on in my life this year. GAY. Yeah thats what I'm gonna do. I drink a lot and I forget stuff so maybe this will help me remember some things. Peoples names may be changed to protect the innocent, I don't want to be accused for slander...you know how it goes you go home with some Nice drunk lady, and then you post it, then she reads it and is like...I did not go home with you, then you realize she did not. Fuckin' your pillow while drinks is a sad state to be in.
O.k. lets get this started
Started 2008 at Skinners Loft with Ryan serving the drinks, Rollie was keeping Andy on a tight leash. Sara came by as did Kathrine and her roommate Katie...ahh and we drank and drank and then decided it was time to move down to 58 Cole's to drink and dance. I saw a lot of the usual suspects down there, but we did not stay to long was way too packed so we bounced to the Rollie and Ryan Compound for more adult beverages and silliness.
around 3ish I would say (things got really Fuzzy at this point) Mikey O. shows up. I punch him in the neck and he proceeds to drag me all the way down to the Flamingo Diner to have some eggs and sausage. we take a cab back to my old place in the heights.
Next morning..it's moving day. Flip shows up, we pack my shit and I move into the new place...and that's how the new year started. oh well I think that's good for a first post. more shit to come later.


Jay Amabile said...

well hello there my friend! Good to see you on here. I wish you all the best with Shits and Giggles! ttyl bro

J-Hunk said...

Damn, I get completely left out of the New Year's blog.

"Fat Chicks need a little love too, but they have to pay!"

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

Dude, Blogger is taking over, eh?