Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The cherry coke strikes back..

So after I post this Blog, and rip "cherry" to shreds at baby hole tonight...which I got big laughs from...she Texts me tonight saying..."beef curtains? I didn't say anything harsh about you in my blog. that was just mean." I responded so I guess you waited to read about you. "do you think I'm stalking your blog" (paraphrase on that one) Umm yeah bitch..I finished this blog today...granted it says the 17th I have a live and I started the draft on the 17th. so she Post's my blog on hers (god this sound so retarted) and then add these tasty tid-bits...

I'll admit...
some of the things happened the way he says....but some did not.either way....i LOLed at work when i read it.ha...i still am giggling.. a little.(ps, before i get a thousand questions as to where this 5 shots for $5 bar's actually 5 shots for $10 and it's called the continental in the LES.)
Posted by vagabond
what the yeti has to say about me....
this is the yeti's blog.haha....he sounds a little angry at me.but wait!no.. no...i don't actually feel bad.

BTW I spell checked it for you bitch!