Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yesterday January 12th 2008, I took part in Improve everywhere No Pants Subway ride 2008. I had the best time, total Highlight for this year so far, and it will most likely be in my mind for years to come. 3:00 I arrived at Foley Park near city hall in NYC. I went alone cause everyone either had something going on or they are just Lame. After some time they separated us in to thirds, and then further split us up based on what the last digit in our phone number is. I was with the ZERO's riding the red line up to Times square..where my zero's at?

we then proceeded to walk to the subway this point people on the street began to ask what we were marching for. we got on the train and this is where the fun started.

The Way it works for those who don't know is like this. you are told to get into a certain subway car. you are to act like everything is normal. then right before the first stop 2 people quietly take their pants off. then they get off that stop and wait for the next train. 2, 4, 6, on till we all got to the end of the line which for us was time square.

This is where the fun started. Picture if you will about 300 people walking around the times square terminal with no pants on, like it was a normal thing..oh don't forget it's January. it was a sight man. The Highlight of this part of the day was as we walk a guy, not with our group decided he wanted to join the fun and he took his pants off right then and there. (I did hit one snag on the train ride back I happened to remove my eyes from my copy of Watchmen and there was a delightful young lady with no pants..but she had stockings and garters it was a little bit sexy, I had to really pay attention to what Dr. Manhattan was saying other wise I may have has a pant problem, and it would have been a big problem since I was sans Pants.) we then got on the N train down to Hamilton Square park where the most fun was had.

when people have no pants on they are all so very nice. we chanted "down with Pants." I got complimented on my style of Boxers..."dude that's awesome I was hoping to see one person with heart boxers on." we even brought a little church up in that piece! we had an old school revival converting people to the pant-less. I jumped into a circle did my best southern Healer voice and help some young Punk rock girl to "be free! be free of your pants and the lord will love you forever." when she did that's when I knew all was right in the world!

A few of us decided to run around the Park, then we went shopping in the Virgin mega store..pant less. we went to Staples after but they did not want us there we died try to buy pants..but ya know what Staples does not sell Pants. at this point I bid my pant less compatriots a hearty goodbye, and proceeded to walk a block before I put my pants back on.

I have to make some shout out to some people who stick out in my mind.. my first pant pal, forgot your name you hail from Michigan and you wore 2 pairs of undies to be sure, you where awesome thanks for the photo op. Bike guy, huge thanks he hooked me up when my metro card had insufficient funds..your the best. Mike Weiss, yes Watchmen rocks. and the virgin/staples crew you guys are all so nice and amazing..if ya want to find me I can be found on


J-Hunk said...

Fun Times. Too bad I couldn't join in, was too busy eating soft pretzels, lol.

Hannah said...

I've gotta say, the best part of Staples was when they announced "would the costumers please put some pants on."

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

You wear your heart under your pants.